Gorillaz and Thundercat Get Their Occult on in New 'Cracker Island' Video

Gorillaz has paired their funky Thundercat-featuring single “Cracker Island” with a new video that finds the animated band in a Hollywood hospital, the final chapter in a so-far-untold story.

“Think of it as the final scene in the movie, the bit after the grand finale when the hero (me) is about to stride into the sunset, credits rolling,” the band’s Murdoc said in a statement. “That’s right, we’re starting at the end. Why? COS I WORK IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS.”

The “Cracker Island” video, co-directed by Gorillaz co-founder Jamie Hewlett, reunites the Gorillaz’ 2-D, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs in the Los Angeles County Hospital after all three members show up for unknown reasons; for 2-D, he’s haunted by visions of a cult — as suggested by the song’s lyrics — seemingly run by Thundercat, who pops in and out of reality throughout the visual.

Damon Albarn and company debuted and frequently performed “Cracker Island” during Gorillaz’s recent run of tour dates; the band will next embark on a North American tour starting Sept. 11 in Vancouver.

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