Internet Users Debate If It’s Appropriate Time for Saweetie to Release Quavo Diss Track

The female rapper just releases a new project called ‘The Single Life’, but one of the songs ‘Don’t Say Nothin’ ‘ quite causes a stir among fans as they believe she’s shading the Migos star.

AceShowbizSaweetie just unleashed a new EP called “The Single Life” on Friday, November 18. The project consists of 6 songs in total, but one of them quite caused a stir among Internet users because they believe it’s a diss track for her ex Quavo.

On the lead single titled “Don’t Say Nothin’ “, the 29-year-old raps, “Post a pic in his sweatshirt, I bet it have my ex hurt/ That’s what I get for kissin’ on these frogs/ He got mad and told my business to the blogs.” She continues, “Said he was a boss, but he talking like a groupie, I know he wasn’t ready for this pretty b***h coochie.”

The song has since drawn mixed reactions. Some people thought it would be better for Saweetie to postpone the release given the recent passing of Takeoff, who was Quavo’s Migos bandmate and nephew.

“I love Saweetie down but now is not the time. Quavo is grieving ma’am!” one person wrote on Twitter. Another opined, “Saweetie is weird trying clear up the allegations while Quavo just lost somebody and plus the song sounds terrible just don’t release it at all lol.”

A different user seemed to disagree, writing, “How is she weird for DEFENDING her name? Yeah it’s a tragic time for Quavo but you can’t tell a person how low to go when you already went LOW. Tf, Saweetie release your song.” Someone else also came to the raptress’ defense by tweeting, “If Saweetie want to drag Quavo, SHE CAN! Nobody cared about her mental and healing process when they dragged her.”

Of the song, Saweetie explained in an email to Rolling Stone, “Don’t Say Nothin’ is for my single women who are upset with the violation of privacy.” She added, “If you give someone an intimate moment keep it on hush mode.”

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