Jeremy Clarkson discusses health woes as ‘things aren’t going to get any better’

Jeremy Clarkson has explained "things aren't going to get better" as he comes to terms with the fact he isn't able to do some of the things he once could.

The 61-year-old TV star launched his Amazon Prime show Clarkson's Farm which documenting the highs and lows of managing Diddly Squat Farm in The Cotswolds.

With the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host now ploughing fields and getting a grip of manual labouring tasks, it's been an eye-opener that he might not be able to complete certain jobs for much longer.

It probably didn't help that the former Top Gear presenter had been busy reading obituaries – suggesting that on average it seemed he had just "15 years" of life left.

Addressing recent issues such a seizing back, unconfident knees and lungs that feel as though "they're on fire" – it's no wonder the star is now stewing over possible problems that surround getting old.

Writing for his column in The Sun, the car fanatic penned: "My knees give me no confidence when I’m coming down a flight of stairs.

"My back locks solid if I attempt to walk up a hill. My lungs feel as if they're on fire if I even look at a bicycle, and when I go for a swim it feels as though I have a small car on my back."

His list of general bodily deteriorations had been endless and relatable to many no doubt.

Now thinking about the future and worsening issues that could arise during his journey through his 6th decade on the planet, he pondered over what life could look like in the not so distant future.

With good humour, he wrote: "And things aren't going to get any better, because soon there will be lumps and gristle and hip operations that will force me to spend what time I have left in a rocking chair, trying to finish an interesting story in the Reader’s Digest about azaleas.

"It saddens me to think that I have now dived off a boat for the very last time, and been down my last black run. I may never see the dawn again, either, unless I have to get up early for another annoying stagger to the loo."

Having delved into the Times' obituaries section, Jeremy was able to pinpoint that many people who had passed away in recent times had been 15 years his senior.

With this bleak thought, he reached the conclusion that a decade and a half would be "plenty" of time to achieve most things he needed to.

Back in 2017, Jeremy suffered from Pneumonia and while the condition isn't always serious and affects individuals differently, it can on occasions be life-threatening

The condition that causes lung tissue to swell left Jeremy with long-term issues.

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