Katie Price hits back at her ex Kris Boyson after he threatens to ‘destroy her’

Katie Price has hit back at her ex Kris Boyson after the pair became embroiled in a bitter war of words on Instagram.

The former glamour model launched an attack on Kris after she made a tribute her new boyfriend Carl Woods, 31, on Instagram and a fan claimed "the public have heard it all before".

Katie, 42, then accused Kris of "using her for fame" in an explosive rant.

Kris fired back at Katie in an Instagram video – telling her he had information that would "destroy her career".

He also alleged she was sleeping with three other men when she was seeing him.

Kris also claimed he home cared for her children one weekend when she was at a hotel with Charles Drury, who she dumped him for.

Now Katie has hit back at Kris and branded his remarks as "lies".

She told Mirror Online : "I haven’t watched it. I’m not interested in what he has to say. I know the truth. You [Carl] know everything."

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She added: "I know the truth, [Carl] knows the truth, you know me, I’ve been in the media all these years and all I’m going to say is, every time there’s been a guy, and it goes back years, 'Kate’s lying, I haven’t done this, Kate’s lying on that', and the truth always comes out that I was telling the truth every single time, you know it happens with every situation."

Katie then discussed her feud with former Love Island star Chris Hughes, who she argued with in 2017 after he denied sending her flirty texts.

Chris insisted he was completely devoted to then-girlfriend Olivia Attwood.

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Olivia later claimed that Chris had send the messages to Katie and her representative said she was "delighted" that the truth had finally come out.

Katie said: "He’s not an ex, but Chris Hughes, 'I’ve never messaged her', then all the truth came out.

"There’s been these situations before where I haven’t even been with anyone and they’ve made up they was and then the truth came out, they were lying."

She added: "This is the situation, I don’t need to lie because in the media world, they find out everything. You can’t lie, they find out everything.

"I don’t need to lie and I’m sitting here now, whatever I say, it’s like when I do my books, you need a legal team over it to prove they are true, and I only know the media, that’s my life, that’s how I work and I know you can’t lie because there’s always evidence.

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"And just remember, everything I say, I have evidence. Anyone can run their mouths about me, if it makes them feel good to use me as a cheap headline it just explains what they’re about."

Katie also said some men in her past have used her, adding things are totally different with Carl.

She said: "I’m happy, I’ve moved on, there’s loads of Mr Price wannabes out there but the truth of it is, I’m not even going to be a Price, I’m going to be a Woods.

"And I’ve never ever changed my name or my surname for a reason, because there’s obviously been something.

"I’ve never bought a house with anyone, a car, but with Carl, I’ve moved into his house and I would buy a house with him, I’d do anything with him and I’d change my surname to Woods – I’ve never done that.

"That’s how I know it’s real. I was young before, I was in my early 20s and I’m 42, and they do say in your 40s your life changes and I’m telling you, it’s been a whirlwind change, it’s been s**t but now it’s going to be good."

In his video, Kris also insisted that he had supported Katie through her stint in The Priory.

He also alleged that even her ex-husbands Peter Andre and Kieran Hayler had acknowledged how well he had looked after her children.

He added Katie had admitted cheating on him and that losing him was the "biggest mistake of her life".

Daily Star Online has contacted Katie and Kris' representatives for comment.

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