Katie Price says Harvey would ‘smash cars’ when he wanted to be with her

Katie Price has said that Harvey would smash cars and sometimes attack the drivers when he wanted to be with her.

The 42-year-old reality star is part of a new BBC documentary, Kate Price: Harvey and Me, which sees Katie open up about their lives as Harvey turns 18 and embarks upon adulthood.

Speaking on Radio 4's Women's Hour on Thursday morning, Katie said: "The crisis point was the point that my windows were getting smashed every morning because he wanted to be with me.

"He knew, because he was big and strong, that he'd smash a window and then the driver wouldn't have him in the car because he’d go and smash the windscreen of the car, or he’d start attacking the driver.

"He'd do that because he knew if he did that, he’d be at home with me because they wouldn’t take him to school."

She added that the family were often woken by hungry Harvey as he went through the kitchen looking for food in late-night "parties for one".

The star said: "He wakes everyone up at night – it's always disturbed sleep. In the morning it looks like he's had a party for one.

"He raids cupboards to find whatever food he can find."

Katie went on to say she "wouldn't change Harvey for anything".

She added: "It's very challenging but also very rewarding but I would not change him for anything."

Katie and Harvey were also interviewed on Channel 5's Jeremy Vine show on Thursday ahead of the new documentary film.

Jeremy asked Katie about how much she would miss Harvey when he moves out.

He said to the media personality: "You're going to miss him aren't you", to which Katie replied: "It will break my heart."

She added: "But I know he's not gone forever", as she explained she will still see Harvey "at weekends and holidays".

The television personality explained: "It's like any kid, you've just got to let them explore the next level."

Katie Price: Harvey and Me airs Monday at 8.30pm on BBC One.

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