Katie Price takes son Harvey out for a burger to celebrate 2st weight loss

Katie Price has taken to social media to congratulate her son on his two-stone weight loss as she took him out for a burger.

In a video posted to TikTok, she can be heard asking Harvey what they are doing, as she said: "Harvey Price, where are we on a Thursday?"

“Burger night? Yay!” she says from behind the camera before asking: "Are you happy?"

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“Yes,” Harvey told her, as Katie replied: “You’ve lost so much weight, haven’t you? We’re having a treat day.”

She wrote in text on the video, “Harvey has lost two stone and can still have treat day [red heart emoji].’

Harvey, 20, is blind and has autism.

He also has a condition called Prader Willi Syndrome, which causes constant hunger and can also affect muscle tone and the nervous system.

Harvey was put on a strict diet after doctors warned that his weight was life-threatening.

But since being put on the plan, the 20-year-old has lost two stone.

Katie, 44, who shares her Harvey with footballer Dwight Yorke, still likes to let her son have a treat, especially after such good progress.

He can be seen in another clip, which was also posted by the former glamour model, “"I'm feeling healthy eating carrots!"

Katie also posted last year after being proud of her son for losing a stone.

In the post, she wrote, “I'm so proud of Harvey he has lost a stone now and his college are doing amazing trying to keep him active and healthy eating as it's now become life threatening with his weight #lovemyson."

Along with showing his achievements and treat days, Harvey has shared his diet and exercise routine with his followers.

The 44-year-old has previously said that Harvey knows “knows what he does and doesn’t want” when it comes to food”.

She has said that she was forced to keep the kitchen cupboards “empty”.

“I think he's actually lost weight because when he's in the actual household, I've said before, he's quite disruptive in the night because he goes in the cupboards and eats the food – that's his Prader-Willi [email protected]


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