Kim Kardashian risks family feud as she angers sister Kylie with throwback snap

Keeping Up With The Kardashians bombshell Kim Kardashian has annoyed sister Kylie Jenner after she shared an old snap with her millions of followers.

The 39-year-old took to Instagram, posting a throwback pic, that showed herself in prime focus alongside her three siblings, Khloe, 36, Kendall, 24 and Kylie, 23.

Considering the four family members looked a lot different, the picture was seemingly taken years ago, with the girls not rocking their usual glam looks.

In the image, Kim appeared to be the only one who looked relatively the same, although she boasted radically lighter locks than her raven tresses today.

Kim captioned the snap: "Babies at Benihana."

Much to the annoyance of Kylie, Kim also tagged all three of her sisters in her playful upload.

Within minutes of witnessing the post, the beauty mogul flocked to the comments section to demand that the snap was removed.

Not messing about, Kyle fumed: "Delete this immediately."

To which a very unconcerned Kim chirped back: "Shall I Diddy crop you out?"

Kim's savage comment sent fans into a fit of laughter as Diddy had previously been caught out cropping people from photos, famously cutting Kendall and Kylie from a 2017 Met Gala group pic.

Inevitably, the blast from the past photo racked up a lot of social media traction, securing over 2million likes and a plethora of comments.

Some eagle-eyed fans were positive that Kanye West's wife knew exactly what she was doing as she tried to antagonise the others.

One fan wrote: "Kim you wrong for this one, lol."

Another laughed: "Why she do that to her sisters? Ha."

While a third exclaimed: "Kim knows she looks good but her sisters don't that's why she posted it."

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