Liam Gallagher challenges anyone who wants to cancel him to go round his house

Liam Gallagher is challenging anyone who wants to cancel him to go round his house.

He may be nearing his 50th birthday but the years haven’t mellowed him and he hates cancel culture.

Liam says the campaigns to ruin people’s careers and livelihoods only really exist on social media.

He ranted: “Who the f*** are these people cancelling you, anyway? Like, f*** off. Unless they come around to your house and say you’re cancelled.

“You’re still going to do your f****** thing, they don’t speak for everyone, do they?

“The cancelling people just speak for the cancelled world, they don’t f****** speak for everyone.

“You can still go and do your gig, there are people out there who are going to like what you’ve got to say. Bring it f****** on you f****** squares!”

The former Oasis man has enjoyed an old-school hell-raising lifestyle and got himself into a fair few scrapes along the way.

But most importantly he’s survived and says he has been allowed to make mistakes, unlike today’s crop who are “too scared to have fun”.

Asked if he’s the last great rock star, Liam replied: “I hear that all the time but you can’t be, there’s got to be someone on the way up now.

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"I just think this world now, the world we’re living in, there’s a lot of people out there who are scared to say what they want, I’m sure they’d get cancelled and all that tackle.

“I’d hate to think I was the last rock star, ‘cause that’s just f****** sad.”

Liam, back with new album C’Mon You Know this month, believes the main problem is bands taking themselves too seriously.

He explained on the 2 Johnnies Podcast: “I have got a problem with a lot of these bands today who go, ‘I’m an artist’.

"No you’re f****** not, you’re a geezer in a band so shut the f*** up. They’re all a bit pretentious, they’re all talking about the artistry, behave man. ‘Come to my show’. It’s a gig man.”

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