Love Island Faye and Teddy will be first to split after show, says Georgia Steel

Love Island stars Faye Winter and Teddy Soares won't last on the outside, predicts former islander Georgia Steel.

The couple – affectionately dubbed 'Feddy' by adoring fans – shocked the nation on Monday night after placing third in the Love Island final, overtaking Tyler Cruickshank and Kaz Kamwi, who came fourth.

It came as Millie Court and Liam Reardon took the crown, and the £50K.

But Georgia, who has plenty of first-hand experience of the villa, isn't sure Faye and Teddy are set to last on the outside now that the show has drawn to a close.

Speaking to Daily Star, Georgia hedged: "I wouldn't like to say [who would break up] but I do feel like with the compatibility challenge – when all the islanders voted for Faye and Teddy – I kind of agree with that.

"I feel like they're very different people," she admitted. "The fact that most the islanders voted for them also makes me believe that they might not last. The islanders were with them every day, so maybe they're seeing things we're not."

But Georgia added: "However, opposites do attract, so it could work on the outside."

Georgia also weighed in on the recent 'Jiberty' drama, after Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish quit the villa just days before the final.

"I feel like they were just really drained. It's absolutely crazy, but I think Liberty is really genuine and she's got to do what feels right, so I support her in whatever decision she makes.

"I think she's so lovely – one of the nicest girls in there," Georgia added.

The star added: "I really thought Jake's feelings for Liberty were real. Because I've experienced it and I've been in the villa, I understand that there are 24 hours in a day and we only get to see an hour.

"So maybe the hour we've been seeing of Jake hasn't been his best hour. I don't feel like you can stay with someone for the amount of time that they were in the villa if it wasn't genuine."

Georgia reckoned plenty of the drama could be down to "heightened emotions" cooped up in the villa.

"I think emotions are definitely heightened in the villa. You hear the saying that a day inside the villa is like a week outside in real life, and I honestly agree with that, because it's so intense and you're with the same people constantly.

"Emotions are higher and things run so much more quickly. You begin to like someone a lot more quickly, you fall for someone a lot more quickly, you get over things quicker."

She added: "I walked out just before the final as well, and for me it was a case of I'd just had enough. I wanted to see my family so, so much, so I'm thinking Liberty was on the same wavelength.

"Maybe she's just craving to see her family. Emotions are so heightened in there and you go through so much that, at points, it can be really tough and you do just want your family."

Georgia has recently been elected the brand new VP of Loyalty for McDonalds – and dished the dirt on what she usually orders from the fast food joint.

The scheme makes it easier for customers to save stamps via an app to use on McCafe hot drinks.

"It was a great opportunity for me, and I felt like the campaign and me just slotted together perfectly because obviously I'm known for loyalty, that was my catchphrase, and it's their VP of Loyalty scheme – it just went hand-in-hand," she admitted.

"My McDonalds order would be chicken selects – I am basic, I'm not gonna lie! – with the sour chive dip. Fries, and a Diet Coke," she splurged.

"And my favourite hot drink would either be a hot chocolate or a coffee in a morning!"

Georgia Steele has been appointed McDonald’s VP of Loyalty and all customers have to do is find a ‘connection’ to download the app and register to start collecting McCafé rewards right away.

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