Maya Jama shows off dramatic hair transformation in tight top before night out

Maya Jama showed off her brand new hairstyle on Instagram ahead of a night out where she displayed an unusual bar trick.

The presenter shared a video of her new ‘do with her 2.4million followers and captioned the story with: “Gassed because I did the bare minimum, but here we are.”

As she lip-synced to the song playing in the background, she played with her new hairstyle and danced along to the music.

The 27-year-old presenter wore a black scoop neck top with a gold chain necklace and matching gold earrings, her new fringe framing her face and falling neatly by her cheeks as she joked around for the Instagram video, which came before she shared an outfit picture for the evening.

The star wore a t-shirt with a picture of rapper Gucci Mane across the front, covered by a green baseball jacket with cow print sleeves and an embroidered number nine.

She also wore black leggings and black Vans trainers as she posed in the mirror of a lavish bathroom with her legs crossed.

Later on, Maya shared a picture of an orange cocktail in a whiskey glass with a black straw as she enjoyed her night.

Jama then shared another video, this time voices could be heard in the background as she showed off her impressive bar trick.

She said her catchphrase “cling cling mother f******” to the camera as she balanced the orange cocktail glass on the side of her face.

Maya wrote: “If I’d gone on that bartender course years ago, I would have been able to flip that drink into my mouth.”

The presenter has recently clapped back to some criticism after she had to leave a job on sports streaming service Dazn.

She claims she left the role due to a “busy schedule” but faced criticism online for her decision.

EastEnders’ Jake Wood, who played Max Branning in the soap, called her out for lack of experience but the star defended herself against the accusations.

She said: “I love the sport. Me and my friends stay up until all hours of the morning to watch the fights. It’s a whole new challenge, a whole new adventure for me. Matchroom and DAZN are literally changing the game so I’m so excited to be a part of it.”

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