NCT's New Relay Cam Shows What a Great Pet Parent Ten Is To Louis, Leon, and Bella

All 23 members of NCT are currently participating in a 24-hour relay cam web series. For the web series, each NCT member is filmed for an hour or two as they go about their day to show NCTzens what a day in the K-pop group is like. On Jan. 21, SM Entertainment posted Ten’s relay cam.

For Ten’s “NCT 24hr RELAY CAM,” he showed fans what his typical day looks like between the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. In the YouTube video, fans were able to see what an attentive pet owner Ten is to WayV’s three pets, Louis, Bella, and Leon.

The members of WayV have three pets

Ten debuted with NCT in 2016 when the band’s first sub-unit NCT U debuted with the single, “The 7th Sense.” After debuting with NCT U, Ten debuted in NCT’s fourth sub-unit WayV along with Kun, Lucas, Winwin, Hendery, Xiaojun, and Yangyang. In 2019, Ten debuted in K-pop supergroup, SuperM, a band formed by SM Entertainment and Capitol Records.

After WayV’s “Beyond Live” virtual concert on May 3, 2020, the group introduced fans to Louis, a Siamese kitten. The members of WayV then revealed they also adopted a puppy named Bella. In June 2020, the band told fans they adopted a third pet and a second kitten named Leon.

Over the past several months, fans have watched Louis, Leon, and Bella grow up. The members of WayV frequently post about their pets on social media, and it has become clear the pets fit in perfectly with WayV’s chaotic family dynamic.

Ten showed off his pets in his relay cam

Louis, Bella, and Leon made multiple appearances throughout Ten’s “NCT 24hr RELAY CAM.” After eating a meal, Ten showed fans all of the different treats he has for Leon and Louis.

He then sat down for a training session and showed off all the tricks he has taught Louis and Leon. The two cats can sit, turn in a circle, shake hands, give a high five, and lay down on command.

To relax, Ten spent some time eating a cake, but Louis and Leon both tried to steal bites of cake. After he finished eating, Ten played fetch with Leon and Bella and spent some time cuddling with Bella on the couch.

NCT fans loved Ten’s relay cam

After Ten’s relay segment was posted on YouTube, fans could not help but love the video. To NCTzens, Ten’s “NCT 24hr RELAY CAM” showed just what a dedicated pet owner Ten is to Louis, Leon, and Bella. By looking at WayV’s dorm and seeing how many toys and enrichment items the pets have, it is apparent that the members of WayV are all devoted to their pets.

“This should be alternatively titled Louis, Leon and Bella with Ten. They’re so cute and Ten did a pretty good job training them,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

“I love how this video is just 80% cats trying to steal Ten’s food, 15% Ten going ‘Noooo, you can’t have it,’ and 5% dog it’s just Louis and Leon relay cam ft. Ten haha…,” wrote a Reddit user.

“ten’s relay cam was such a delight! his cats are super cute and i’m blown away by how much they play and follow orders like they’re dogs. lol i’m so happy he got the 2 hours timeslot,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

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