Nick Jonas Reveals Falling in Love With Miley Cyrus Inspired a Classic Jonas Brothers Song

Way back in the day, the Jonas Brothers became a household name when they appeared on the Disney Channel. Nick Jonas also met his first love during that time — none other than Miley Cyrus. Fans, of course, know that the two went on to date, but it’s the details of their first meeting that has fans freaking out. In the new Jonas Brothers documentary Chasing Happiness, the bros share how Nick fell in love with the Hannah Montana star.

Falling in love with Cyrus was a turning point for Nick

First loves are usually a big deal but Nick found himself head over heels and that emotional feeling for a girl actually strengthened his relationship with his brothers at the time.

He shared: “I think my brothers and I became theclosest when we found a common ground beyond music and family — girls.”

Kevin shared how the band getting on the map really helpedtheir game, sharing, “When I was in high school, I couldn’t get a date nomatter how much I tried. I could not get a date. After Disney Channel plays our[‘Year 3000’] music video, life immediately changes as a teenager for me. Meand Joe were, like, wing-manning each other constantly.”

Nick’s ‘head exploded’ when he met Miley

When the Jonas Brothers booked a gig on an episode of Hannah Montana, Nick met Miley and there was definitely a spark, as Kevin shared: “We got to be on the Hannah Montana episode on the Disney Channel. That changed girls for Nick forever. When he met Miley, I think that kid’s head exploded.”

Nick had big feels for Cyrus, he admitted, sharing, “I started writing about love and I actually knew what it felt like. (Side note: “Lovebug” played in the background as he explained this.) He added: “For the first time, I was asking them questions that only a younger brother can ask their older brothers.”

Nick and Miley dated from 2006 to 2007 and though things didn’t work out romantically (and Miley reportedly wrote the song “7 Things” about Nick… and he wrote the song “Wedding Bells” when Cyrus got engaged to Liam Hemsworth), it all shook out okay for the two exes.

Miley went on to marry Hemsworth and Nick married Priyanka Chopra.

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The purity rings were a big mistake

Among some of the interesting tidbits to come out of the Jonas Brothers’ documentary was a discussion about those purity rings, why they wore them, and the realization that they were a bad idea all around.

Joe shared: “In the Church, it was encouraged that wego through this program. It was, like, wait for the right person or wait formarriage. All the kids that I grew up with were doing it so I was like, ‘Oh,this is cool.’”

Then, he changed his mind, sharing, “Probably by 15 I waslike, ‘What?! What is this?’ And that was not who we were, it was justsomething that we did when we were young kids. But we wore the rings throughthe first bit of the band starting to explode. At that point, it was alreadytoo late because it was in the media.”

Kevin added, “We had all this success and that’s theonly thing we could hear or focus on, was things that people were saying aboutus.”

They even got made fun of on an episode of South Park, with Joe sharing: “They were saying Disney created a band who were these cookie-cutter boy band brothers. That everything was perfect and they used Christianity and purity rings as a way to sell music to kids… I mean, they weren’t far off that’s for sure.”

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