Noel Gallagher mocks Liam Gallagher’s ‘s**t’ songwriting skills

The veteran musician took a swipe at his estranged brother for relying on a team of songwriters to help him pen tracks for his latest solo album.

Noel Gallagher, 52, mocked Liam Gallagher, 47, for co-writing his new release Why Me? Why Not with producers Greg Kurstin and Andrew Wyatt and a several other musicians – revealing he found it difficult to understand how many people it took to write one song.

The former Oasis guitarist, who penned the majority of the band's tunes, explained he listened to his sibling's single Shockwave and was stunned to discover five people were involved in the creative process.

"I've heard 'Shockwave' – five people wrote that song by all accounts. Don't you think that's amazing?'

Noel also insulted Liam for paying tribute to Oasis' 1994 single Live Forever in track One of Us – written by Liam, Kurstin and Damon McMahon.

The song features the line "you said we'd live forever" and many have depicted the lyrics as Liam offering an olive branch to Noel, whom he has been locked in a long-running feud with since the band split backstage at Rock en Seine in 2009.

''I wonder if they had pictures of me in the studio when they were writing that s**t," he told The Face.

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"I remember once in the Oasis days, he'd been up to the studio on his own and every line in the song was a title of an Oasis song. It was some incidental blues nonsense.

"It went, 'You said we were gonna live forever, and now that things are getting better…' And I asked him what it was called. And you know what it was called? Untitled, ha!''

Liam previously admitted he wanted to write Oasis songs with his brother and share the writing credits "Gallagher-Gallagher", however Noel explained his younger sibling "wasn't into it".

"Well, there could have been 'Gallagher-Gallagher', but he wasn't into it.

"But it's down to that thing: if you all turn up at a session and I've written 26 songs, and everyone else has got f**k-all, and you're sat with a producer who's actually got to wrap this album up within three months."

He added: "What's he gonna do? Sit around watching everybody acting like a chimp's tea party? Is he f**k. He's gonna go, ''Well, [Noel's] got it all written already.''

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