One Direction Harry Styles: ‘I’m not ashamed of my career mistakes’

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When Harry Styles joined One Direction in the 2009 edition of ITV’s X Factor he was just 16-years-old. The young British star went on to release five albums with the band while touring the world a number of times. After 1D split in 2015, Harry went his own way and began releasing his own solo music.

Harry recently spoke out about his career, saying: “[I was] thinking, for a long time, about how scared I was of saying or doing the wrong thing, and how much trouble that would get me in.

“I was still growing up, making mistakes. I’m not ashamed of those things anymore. I’ve seen subconscious changes in a lot of places in my life.”

He went on: “I was 16 [when I joined the band], I just kind of finished school and didn’t really know what it was that was happening.

“Everything was really new and exciting and I didn’t know how long everything was gonna last. It kind of became like: ‘Woah, how long can we keep this going?’ because I really didn’t expect any of this to happen.”

Harry then explained how he has become “himself” since learning to not care about how he appears.

Harry said: “I have unlocked an ability to be myself completely, unapologetically. I started only listening to classical music because it felt like it gave me a blank canvas to work from. So I wasn’t hearing things I would then be referencing.

“I think that so much creativity comes from my boredom and giving myself the chance not to be distracted by things.”

The 27-year-old added: “I’m the most human I’ve felt in a long time, for sure.”

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Harry added that he sometimes feels like he’s supposed to be “floating on this cloud of success and happiness”.

“Obviously,” he went on. “That’s not how it works. I think through my own sense of self and personal journey, I am realising that happiness isn’t this kind of end state.”

Six years after One Direction split, Harry’s original solo music earned him a Grammy Award, a Brit Award, and a multi-platinum album.

Harry’s career has come on in leaps and bounds since his departure from the band.

In 2017 Harry starred in Dunkirk, a war film helmed by Batman director Christopher Nolan.

Since then, he has signed on to a number of new films, including the upcoming My Policeman.

He is also starring in the movie Don’t Worry Darling.

Most recently, he made his debut appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Harry joined the franchise as in the latest movie from the superhero franchise, Eternals.

He made a cameo appearance in the film as Eros – better known as Starfox – the brother of Thanos.

It is as of yet unclear what stance his character will take in the coming films, but he is sure to be a large part of the growing world.


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