Paul Young recalls panic after keeping Brian May waiting outside Live Aid

Queen's performance at Live Aid is heralded as one of the greatest of all time, but singer Paul Young has revealed he accidentally kept guitarist Brian May waiting outside due to a shortage of dressing rooms at the concert.

The star was talking to presenter Jenni Falconer on the Smooth Radio Podcast Famous Firsts about his memories of performing at Live Aid on July 13 1985, which included stars having to share dressing rooms due to the limited number backstage.

He said: "My memories of the concert were that it was manic and had never been done to such a scale before.

"There weren't enough dressing rooms to house everybody, so they got trailers and little caravans hidden around the back of the stage. We were having to swap them around."

Paul, who performed hits including Everytime you go away and a duet with Alison Moyet on the day, added that after his set he had "20 minutes after coming off stage, not even enough time to sit and go, “How great was that?”, It was like, “Get your clothes off. Get out."

The stars had to wait for each other to get changed and vacate their dressing rooms, before the next artist could get ready, but Paul revealed that stopping for an interview after his set meant that he accidentally delayed Brian May preparing for Queen's set.

"I’d been stopped to do an interview after I came off stage, I think it was with Cindy Crawford. So I did that, and then they asked, “Where have you been? You’ve got Brian May waiting outside, with his suitcases," said Paul.

However, Paul added that despite the long waits for dressing rooms, Brian and all of the stars on the day were incredibly patient and nice to one another, saying: "I went out, and I said, “I’m really sorry, Brian.” He said, “No worries at all.

"Everyone was amazing. Really, really nice."

After hitting number one with Wherever I lay my hat (that's my home), Paul released further top ten hits including Come back and stay from his album No Parlez, before being asked to help record the 1984 Christmas number one Do they know it's Christmas? as part of Band Aid.

Paul was just one of a number of huge stars at the time, including Duran Duran, Bananarama, George Michael and Sting to feature on the song, with Paul asked to take the lead on the first line.

Addressing the rumour of how it was decided who would sing the lead line, Paul said that it was a question he had asked Band Aid co-ordinator and fellow songwriter Midge Ure, while they were on tour together.

"I’ve got to know Midge, I’ve done a couple of tours with Midge now. I brought it up while we were on the bus and I said, “So, what did happen there?" said Paul.

"I had heard a story that David Bowie couldn’t get there. Bob said, “No, that didn’t happen”, but I think something like that did happen. Maybe it was mooted and quashed so quickly because it was impossible for him to be there, he was in Japan, I think.

"Then I thought they just asked me, but they didn’t. They tried a couple of other people as well but I got the vote, so that was good."

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