Pop guru Pete Waterman ‘had no idea who Kylie Minogue was’ when he met her

Pop guru Pete Waterman said he’d never heard of Kylie Minogue before the two went on to have a string of hits together.

Despite the actress having found fame on Neighbours, the music producer said he was always working when the soap was on TV.

His songwriting trio of Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Waterman were asked to do a single for Kylie following her success in Australia with the track Locomotion.

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Pete said: “The truth is, we had no idea who she was. We were working. We didn’t see [Neighbours].

“But I sent an engineer down to Australia to teach some Australian engineers how to work the equipment, and he’d done this record with this girl called Kylie Minogue.

“His name’s Mike Duffy. He rang me and he said ‘look, you know, I’ve got a number one in Australia, I’ve sold 300,000 copies of a record by someone called Kylie Minogue.'

“I said ‘Duffy, don’t be daft, there’s not 300,000 people in Australia’. That was Locomotion.

“He said ‘they want you to do a follow up’. And the record company in Australia handled Mel and Kim and a couple of others, so we said ‘ok’.

“So Mike watched this Neighbours, saw this little girl Charlene, who was of course Kylie, worked out what the appeal was.

“The song I Should Be So Lucky in truth is about her relationship in Neighbours with Jason Donovan because we knew they were actually going out with each other.

“And she thought she was really lucky to go out with this hunk of a guy in the programme. And that’s why it works because you can work out from the lyric that it is sincere, there’s a reason why it’s written.

“I honestly didn’t know who she was.”


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