Psychic spots terrifying sign King Charles is crumbling under ‘pressure’

King Charles may not be up for the job according to celebrity psychic Deborah Davies who has spotted a tell-tale sign on the Monarch.

Charles, 73, ascended the throne on September 8 following the death of his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth, who died "peacefully" aged 96.

He became the oldest Monarch in British history to take over the role after being the heir apparent, with his son Prince William of Wales now being first in line.

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But while Charles may be relatively new to the job, Deborah who correctly predicted the family would go through "major change" this year – believes Charles won't be on the throne for long.

After seeing pictures of the King holding onto a table while speaking at The Senedd on September 16, Deborah exclusively told the Daily Star: "I don't have a good feeling about Charles.

"He's steadying himself holding the table too, just a feeling that this is too much pressure all of a sudden.

"In December, I said William will be king sooner than expected."

The former Real Housewives of Cheshire star continued: "That photo it actually shows what I saw.

"I got a momentary glimpse of what I call a 'death look' my mum used to get it too… It means that person won't last, it's where they suddenly look old and haggard."

Speaking to the Daily Star in December of 2021, Deborah said: "There are big changes in The Royal Family.

"The Queen, it's almost like we're going to see a gradual decline in her being as present in the public eye.

"I see Prince Charles is having a short reign, and I don't know why that is, it's not specifically that I see his death or anything. I just really don't think that he's suited and neither is Camilla to that role."

Deborah added: "What I see when I look at that is, if he does take the reins, I don't think it would be for very long, we would be talking just a couple of months or so and he would hand the reins over.

"William will be the best King in history, he is one million per cent cut out for that role, he has been from birth, he has his mum by his side every single step of the way."

The celeb psychic stated that William and Catherine, Princess of Wales are "perfect" for the role of King and Queen but said she can foresee a constitutional crisis similar to when Edward VIII abdicated.

"I think there's an interim period where Charles may step forward and then hand it down to William, Charles is of a similar nature (to King Edward)," she explained.


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