Queen Brian May: Last days working with Freddie were special ‘All his troubles went away’

The album Made in Heaven was released in November 1995, four years after the death of Freddie in November 1991. It stands as a testament to his vocal and writing skills and also as his emotional last recordings. Freddie and the band knew he was dying as they recorded in Montreux whenever the singer had the energy to come into the studio. In a powerful new interview, May and Taylor reveal how the experience made the band a “family” and allowed Freddie to forget the world outside for a few precious hours.

May told Mojo he is still very fond of two of the album’s tracks, in particular: “Winter’s Tale was Freddie’s last piece of songwriting. He knew he wouldn’t have long and was singing about the beauty of the world. It’s not maudlin at all.

“After he died, I decided nobody else could touch it until Roger and I decided to bring it to a natural conclusion.

Mother’s Love is the last utterances of Freddie in the studio. It’s hard to describe what happened during those final days. All Fred’s troubles were left outside the studio. We became an incredibly close-knit family.”


Roger Taylor revealed that he persuaded May to go ahead with creating the album after Freddie’s death

He told Mojo: “I was the one driving it, to begin with. Brian, particularly, was very reluctant. But when we all heard Freddie’s voice coming back at us from the control room, it made all the difference. 

Freddie wanted us to make as much music as we could while he was still alive. He didn’t want us to stop.”

Made In Heaven was a major hit around the world and hit Number 1 in the UK, of course.

Not only has his legacy lived on in the music and last year’s smash hit Bohemian Rhapsody film, but Queen’s incredible back catalogue is also reaching new audiences as the band launches another huge concert tour with new frontman Adam Lambert.


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