Song You Need to Know: Yola, ‘Faraway Look’

In the final scene of Hulu’s Veronica Mars revival, Mars drives off into the sunset after a series of both triumphs and tragedies leave her life hanging by a thread. As she drives, Yola’s “Faraway Look” plays in the background, a song so good it almost steals focus from the climactic scene entirely.

From her album Walk Through the Fire, “Faraway Look” has the singer wondering what exactly a person she seems to love is thinking, especially since their mind seems to be elsewhere. The song feels both new and old, like you’ve heard it in an old movie before or on your own car radio. Still, it is fresh and intoxicating as Yola hits the loud, booming notes of the song’s chorus after soft, tender and worried verses.

The Bristol-born singer worked with Dan Auerbach on her sophomore album Walk Through the Fire. Her debut was 2016’s Orphan Offering. Prior to her solo career, she was the lead singer in Phantom Limb

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