10 Coronation Street spoilers for this week including Yasmeen's trial verdict and Geoff's revenge

GEOFF Metcalfe tries to burn Alya Nazir alive in a deadly rooftop fight this week as the residents reel from the verdict of Yasmeen Nazir’s attempted murder trial. 

Here’s the lowdown on everything that’s happening during Coronation Street’s 60th anniversary week…

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1. The verdict is revealed

Yasmeen’s trial for attempted murder will finally come to a conclusion tonight (December 7).

Viewers will see Yasmeen staring nervously ahead as the barristers deliver their closing speeches.

Will Yasmeen be found guilty?

2. Geoff tries to burn Alya alive

It's not long before Geoff and Alya lock horns over the jury’s decision, with a violent Geoff attacking Alya at Speed Daal.

Geoff doesn’t stop there and later manically sloshes lighter fluid around number 6 before setting it ablaze. 

A terrifying showdown ensues when Alya follows him and chases him out onto the roof. 

3. Ray brings bulldozers to the cobbles

Ken reveals to Debbie that the residents are planning on lodging an application to have the brewery listed as an historical building to stop it from being bulldozed that afternoon. 

Debbie runs straight to Ray and reveals the residents’ plans to prevent the bulldozing. 

Ray decides to knock the brewery down quickly before the residents have a chance to lodge their application. 

4. The residents set up camp outside the brewery

But as they watch a bulldozer head towards the brewery and see Ray looking smug, the residents set up camp in front of the building.

Rita leads them in a rendition of ‘We Shall not be Moved.’

The next morning, the residents celebrate stalling Ray by sleeping outside the brewery. 

5. They try to save the cobbles

But they’re horrified when a huge long-arm digger rears its head and Ray’s men start to dismantle their camp. 

Ken stands in the bulldozer’s path refusing to move while Abi jumps into the cab of a digger.

Abi puts her foot in it, however, when she loses control of the long arm, which smashes down on a substation and knocks everyone’s power out.

6. Gary catches Ray

Meanwhile, in the bistro, Faye agrees to go for a drink with Ray.

But when Gary enters the building later with the signed factory contract for Ray, he’s horrified to hear Faye’s muffled cries coming from the office. 

Gary shouts at Ray to open the door, and Faye emerges in tears before running off. 

Later, Gary and Maria try to get through to Faye but she clams up, refusing to talk about what happened. 

7. Peter proposes

Peter, who Leanne will have persuaded to persevere with Carla, apologises to her for his paranoia. 

But he shocks the life out of Carla when he gets down on one knee and proposes.

What will Carla say?

8. Daniel discovers Carla’s secret

Meanwhile, Peter’s brother Daniel learns the truth about what Carla has been up to and confronts Adam.

When Daniel learns that Peter has proposed how will he react?

9. Peter accuses Daniel

Later in the week, Peter prepares for the wedding but he’s unsettled when Jenny mentions she saw Carla at Daniel’s flat. 

Peter’s suspicions grow further when he sees Carla and Daniel whispering later in the Rovers. 

Flying into a rage, Peter accuses them of having an affair. 

10. Peter hits the bottle

Later, Carla tries to get through to Peter, but he turns on self-destruct mode, unscrewing the bottle and taking a swig right under her nose.

Doctors have warned Peter that one more drink could end up killing him. 

Will Carla be able to get through to him before he goes too far?

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