A New Life in the Sun couple address why they had to move abroad ‘Could never do it in UK’

A New Life in the Sun: Couple compare property to UK prices

Rebecca and Simon from Kent decided they wanted to move their family to France and their goal was to build a brewery business from their own premises. A farmhouse in Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of the European hotspot was the perfect place for them to begin their New Life in the Sun. At just £67,000, the pair convinced Rebecca’s parents to move with them but there was a specific reason they wanted to up and leave the UK and explained their decision to the Channel 4 cameras.

The couple gave a tour of their new home, which was set in an idyllic countryside location and was centred in the middle of three acres of land.

With the whole place needing to be refurbished and the pair wanting to kickstart their business, they gave themselves an ambitious target of three months.

Spotting cobwebs and dead mice in the dishevelled property, Rebecca told her husband she wanted all of that gone before the family moved in.

They explained they would be living in a caravan for 14 weeks so the work could be done to bring the farmhouse up to scratch.

However, despite all the upheaval, the homeowners said they would have never been able to achieve such a project in the UK.

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Back in the London suburbs, where they previously lived, the couple did own their own micro-brewery but wanted to expand their prospects.

Looking at the property from the outside and observing one of the outhouses, Simon said: “I think this is where we’re going to spend most of our evenings.

“It’s beautiful. You’ve got the lake and just look at the view, it’s just absolutely fabulous,” he continued.

Rebecca then added: “We could never, ever afford anything like this in the UK. It would cost millions where we live.”

A New Life in the Sun: Couple explain their ‘dilemma’

Would never have got anything like this

A New Life in the Sun couple

“The price tag on that view would be huge,” her husband replied, to which Rebecca said: “There’s no space like this, either.”

As the show went on, it was explained Rebecca, her mother and the children remained in the UK whilst Simon and his father-in-law Michael oversaw the work on-site in France.

The men were seen building the brewery, including putting in a drainage system to ensure there was no flooding.

Replacement of windows, building walls and much more needed to be done before they could make their new house a home.

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In upcoming scenes, viewers will watch as Rebecca, her mother Tracy and the children try to make it to France before another lockdown.

Unfortunately, once they get there, it seems their caravan isn’t up to scratch and the family soon realise they have bigger problems on their hands.

The cameras will continue to follow their journey for the rest of the week and viewers will have to wait and see if the couple hit their three-month deadline.

Taking to Twitter, some viewers commented on the renovation plans the couple were hoping to complete in such a short amount of time.

One viewer wrote: “They bought a wreck! Hope they realise refurbishments in France take twice as long and cost three times as much as anticipated #anewlifeinthesun.”

Another added of the living arrangements: “You’d think he’d get his father in law his own caravan #anewlifeinthesun.”

Whilst a third commented on the social media platform: “Three months in two Berth caravans with your wife’s dad. Living the dream #anewlifeinthesun.”

A New Life in the Sun continues weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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