A Place in the Sun fans in disbelief as buyers pay massive full asking price

A Place in the Sun fans were stunned when guests agreed to pay full asking price for their dream holiday home.

Del and Diane were looking for a holiday home in the biggest Canary Island – Tenerife – and hoping to buy a two-bed apartment with a budget of £120,000.

Having done research online, they told host Ben Hillman that they love the area of San Juan and Playa Santiago.

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The couple slammed one huge property for having tiny windows that viewers called them "cat flaps" on walls.

After a whirlwind of house hunting, they arrived at the heart of San Juan where Ben showed them a two-bed apartment for just £107,000.

The couple fell in love for the modern property and admitted the location won over the amenities seen other homes.

Diane said: "It's amazing, I feel like we've won the lottery with that."

When they met up with Ben the next day, they were reminded that the San Juan property was massively reduced by £20,000 recently.

Ben asked them: "What are you thinking in terms of making an offer?"

Del told him: "Not only has it come down in price, but we've been looking at the market for two years here.

"So I already know that the last one that sold in that exact building was snapped up in a couple of weeks at a higher price.

"So we'd be happy to offer the full asking price, Ben."

That moment sent shockwaves on Twitter as fans shared their reactions.

One said: "What? Full asking? We must be watching the wrong programme, I feel faint."

"Offered the full asking price. That's a first I think?" a second commented and a third wrote: "Well done to them, especially for not messing around quibbling over a few quid."

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And a fourth joked: "They had to offer the full asking price as we only had 30 seconds of the show left."

Del and Diane got themselves a holiday home in Tenerife after Ben called the agent to submit the offer.


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