A Question Of Sport filming cancellation is not Covid-related BBC insists

Question of Sport: New host Paddy McGuinness introduces show

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The taping of next week’s episode of A Question Of Sport has been cancelled, with the audience told not to come. Some fans were worried it could be due to a Covid outbreak, which could impact team captain Ugo Monye in his Strictly Come Dancing stint. However, the BBC have insisted that the incident has nothing to do with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, blaming logistical problems instead.

The instalment of A Question Of Sport was set to be filmed at the BBC’s Salford studios next week.

However, the audience booked in to watch the show being filmed have now been told not to attend.

The episode was set to feature Rugby star Ugo who is a current Strictly Come Dancing participant.

As a result, fans began worrying if the filming cancelation was related to Covid, Ugo may not be able to perform on Strictly.

However, the BBC have insisted that the change in plans has nothing to do with the ongoing pandemic.

A spokeswoman for the show made it clear that the show was simply being rescheduled.

She said: “As is sometimes usual for a production, we have had to reschedule filming.

“We will still be welcoming a full studio audience,” the spokeswoman told the Daily Mail.

A Question Of Sport has been a hit show on the BBC since 1970, and is now in its 51st season.

However, it was recently revamped with a brand new cast of famous faces fronting the show.

Ugo is one of the new team captains and Olympic hockey player Sam Quek is the other.

Meanwhile, Sue Barker stepped down from her role as host and has been replaced by comedian Paddy McGuinness.

Unfortunately, the new line-up has already received a lot of criticism online from regular A Question Of Sport viewers.

@Shafullah commented: “This format is timeless, sadly cannot say that for the new show. Big mistake @BBC #questionofsport.”

“How can @BBCOne @BBCSport get it so wrong with Question of Sport? I have given it a chance, watched a couple & it’s dreadful, pathetic. The beautiful @SamanthaQuek is the only bright spark. Watched it for 35 years but can’t watch it anymore. Shame on you BBC. #questionofsport,” @SeanG_COYS posted.

@MrsSusanMDavies added: “Omg question of sport absolutely ruined just don’t want to watch it anymore. #questionofsport.”

However, the response hasn’t all been negative, with some viewers praising the show.

“I don’t get why people hate the new @QuestionofSport It’s phenomenal! and so funny and still the same fantastic program! #QuestionOfSport @PaddyMcGuinness @SamanthaQuek and @ugomonye are doing a phenomenal job. So keep doing a great job guys #MuchLove,” @AndyGallagher86 said.

New host Paddy, thanked Andy for his kind words of support, Tweeting: “Cheers Andy. Between me and you, the viewing figures have gone up as well. Let’s keep it our little secret.”

A Question of Sport airs Fridays at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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