A Suitable Boy director forced to step in and replace star after behind-the-scenes injury made filming impossible

A SUITABLE Boy's director has revealed that she had to step in and replace the main character after spraining her ankle made filming impossible.

The BBC drama – which is adapted by Andrew Davies from Vikram Seth's novel with the same name – follows the story of a young girl called Lata and her family who are trying to find her a suitable husband.

Bollywood star Tanya Maniktala plays the 19-year-old girl who wants to break free from her family's old-fashioned ways of the 1950s.

During a talk with the press, director Mira Nair revealed that she had to think on her feet when the actress was left unable to do her job properly after an unfortunate accident.

She revealed: "I learned how to work with doubles in the same camera, in the same scene for the first time in my 34-year career.

“For a brief moment, Tanya had sprained her ankle and could act beautifully but could not stand up and could not walk.

“This was a challenge I had not yet experienced for a heroin who is virtually in every scene,” the visionary remarked.

“So, luckily, the second assistant director had the same body structure as Tanya.”

But the talented Indian-American filmmaker explained that viewers of the show won't be able to point out when the disaster struck.

She added: “If you know my camera, it’s usually a camera that will fluidly capture something but it will not endlessly cut – it will be a wide frame.

“So, I would love to see people pick out what that scene could be. Lara’s sitting there and then move around and go to the other side of the bed. Something very simple.

“Look for the scene, and I’m not going to give it away, but there are basically two Lata’s and you’ll never know.

“There was no really big cheating going on, it was one shot without any cuts.”

22-year-old Tanya, who has also appeared as Ishita in the Indian television series Flames, also lifted the lid on what her first ever major role has been like.

She said: "I had to remind myself that Mira Nair, a legend, believed in me and so could I and I should believe in myself.

“I mean, it would be daunting for anybody to be playing this role, so, I took it in my stride. People don't have many expectations of me as of now.

“So let’s just put my best foot forward and take it as it comes,” the actress added, before explaining what it was like to be told she got the part.

“I was surreal. It’s still surreal to be a part of this – to have been through all of that [filming]. I'm just grateful for this opportunity.”

Due to a low budget, Mira decided to film in Locknow, a large city in northern India and parts of Maheshwar.

The miniseries also stars Tabu, Ishaan Khatter, Rasika Dugal, and Ram Kapoor.

Maniktala previously opened up about how her own family's traumatic history was touched on by the show.

You can watch the first episode of A Suitable Boy on BBC iPlayer now.

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