Adam Henson nominates himself to appear on Clarkson’s Farm ‘if Jeremy called for his help’

Jeremy Clarkson shows off his new cow

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Jeremy Clarkson took a career diversion a couple of years ago when he decided to take over the day-to-day running of his farm – also known as Diddly Squat Farm. Fans of The Grand Tour host saw how his first year as a farmer went after Amazon Prime Video commissioned an eight-part series called Clarkson’s Farm and along the way, there were many, many disasters but also several successes. Despite what some may think about Clarkson, the show has been rated a 9.2 out of 10 on IMDb and 5 out of 5 on Amazon and it’s popularity has been rewarded because the online retail giant has given series two the green light. But Amazon Prime Video users are not the only people to love the documentary series as celebrities like Adam Henson – who also works in the farming industry – have given the show and Clarkson high praise. In a recent interview, the Countryfile presenter discussed the possibility of appearing on the show and helping the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host out with his next farming dilemma. 

Clarkson’s farm is in Oxfordshire and is “only 45 minutes” from Adam’s own farm. 

“It’s just the other side of Chipping Norton,” the Our Family Farm Rescue presenter said. “It’s not far from where I live.” 

Adam paid kudos to Clarkson saying he does “a very good job” and “makes it funny [and] very accessible for a certain type of audience and the characters he’s got on it are great”. 

Clarkson’s Farm doesn’t just portray the good times, it also shows the harsh reality of farming; when three of his sheep had to be put down to only making £144 worth of profit after a year of back-breaking work. 

And Adam praised this: “It highlights farming in a way that shows how challenging it is with the weather and the whole logistics behind it, the legislation and planning and all those things, so I think he does a really good job.” 

Throughout the show, Jeremy called on a variety of people from his local representative at the Farmers’ Union to help get his beloved Lamborghini tractor to start to Kaleb Cooper and ‘Cheerful’ Charlie Ireland when it came to sowing, tending and harvesting the crops, as well as Dave Clay – the man who knows everything about sheep. 

So would Adam offer his help if Jeremy asked? He said he’s “not sure [Jeremy] needs his help” and he wasn’t sure “if [he] would get the call”. 

“But I’m very happy to go along and talk to him about it,” Adam said. 

“The way that we present on the Channel 5 show and on BBC Countryfile is very different to the way he works with Amazon,” he told Radio Times. 

“I wouldn’t be averse to it, but I can’t imagine it would happen.”

And it would be something Adam knows a thing or two about as he moved to Channel 5 this year to present a new show – Our Family Farm Rescue with Adam Henson. 

The TV programme sees Adam meeting farmers who are struggling financially and helps them turn their businesses around, be it new ideas or improved practices. 

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When Adam isn’t busy filming for the BBC or Channel 5, he is working at his own farm – Cotswold Farm Park. 

It was founded by his father, Joe Henson, in 1971 to help protect some of the rarest breeds of farm animals. 

Adam runs it with his business partner Duncan and an “enthusiastic team”. 

Perhaps Adam could help Jeremy expand his livestock into some rarer breeds of animal? 

Jeremy recently revelled to fans two new members of Diddly Squat Farm. 

Taking to Instagram, he published an image of a white cow with the caption: “World. Meet Pepper.” 

And a second post was a video of a brown cow and Jeremy was asking fans to name it, Kaleb offered “Cowlub” as a suitable name, 

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