All the clues in Adele's single teaser that reveal it could be her most personal song ever

IN the six years since her last album, Adele has divorced husband Simon, 47, and settled in Beverly Hills, where she owns three mansions with a value of £22million.

Now dating millionaire US sports agent Rich Hall, 39, Adele has said her new album will not delve into her split from Simon.

So what will the new songs be like? Her 21-second teaser offers hints. We take a closer look and decode the clues . . . 

HELLO: Fans have been quick to point out the parallels between Adele’s new clip and her video for 2015 hit Hello.

In Hello, we saw the star arrive down a winding country road to a deserted house packed with old furniture.

Easy On Me begins with the singer driving down a dusty road with a furniture-packed trailer. Could this new album pick up at the moment the last one ended?

WINGED EYELINER: The video begins with a flash of Adele’s eyes in a car rear-view mirror. She is wearing her signature winged eyeliner, made famous in videos from Hello to 2011’s Set Fire To The Rain. She may have been away for six years but the message is clear: The British superstar is back.

BLACK AND WHITE: Adele has often used black and white in her videos and album covers, but she also used the filter to share her first picture of boyfriend Rich on Instagram last month. Does Easy On Me reflect on Adele’s new relationship?

IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT: Since her last single in 2015, Adele has split from hubby Simon in a £140million divorce. Here we see her firmly in the driver’s seat, cruising down a country road alone. Releasing her first single since hitting 30, Adele certainly looks in control.

NO WEDDING RING: Turning up the volume on the car’s radio, Adele waves her perfectly manicured, wedding-ring-free left hand out of the window. It is like she is waving goodbye to married life as she drives into the distance.

PACKED TRAILER: And there’s more clues she is leaving the past behind, with the camera panning to the trailer packed with furniture. Is Adele ready for a new start?

SHEET MUSIC OUT THE WINDOW: As Adele speeds along the dusty road, stacks of sheet music fly out the car window and disappear in the wind. Sources close to the star have suggested her new single will have a different sound to past albums.

TAPE CASSETTE: Adele opts for an old-school vibe, sliding a tape cassette of her new song into the car’s battered player. The singer’s analogue choice lends a sense of nostalgia to the clip, and reminds us of her classic pop brilliance.

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