Angry Strictly viewers slam bosses for always giving pros Luba and Nadia ‘tall men who can’t dance’ and claim they’ll NEVER win the show – The Sun

STRICTLY Come Dancing fans have claimed professionals Luba Mushtuk and Nadiya Bychkova have been given "too tall" celebrity partners – scuppering their chance of winning the show.

The angry suggestions, detailed on forums and Twitter, come after Luba and partner James Cracknell were first to be given the boot this weekend.

Ex-footballer David James and Nadiya were in the Dance Off mix too, teetering close to being sent home.

Both celebrity competitors on the BBC One series have been criticised by the judges for "wooden" movements and James, 47, for having a "hunched back".

Yet fans think this is because they are simply too tall for their female partners.

Both James and David come in at 6'3".

Raging about Nadiya and Luba's chances on a fan forum one viewer wrote: "As the taller female pros, they are doomed to get the tall celeb males, who invariably are pants at dancing.

"Yes, I know Jay McGuiness could dance a bit, but I can’t think of many others."

"Two of the most accomplished female pros but they are highly unlikely ever to get their hands on the Glitter Ball."

Another took to Twitter to share similar views saying: "James is a bit too tall for Luba so it’s not a surprise he was hunched over."

A third continued: "Sad to see Luba go so early, hopefully she gets another partner next year."

One then put: "You just have to look at James' posture and you know it's a no go.

"It doesn't help that both pros are rather quiet, you won't see them being loud like let's say Oti.

"And they might be good dancers and teachers, but with a duffer with no charm it's a deadly combination."

One then gushed of Luba: "She’s got so much potential to go far with the right celebrity!"

Luba's exit was overshadowed by suggestions her partner James was raging at being the first to be evicted.

The Sun was first to report on the outburst, during which he claimed he should have never taken part in the show at all.

He later issued a heartfelt tribute to Luba, during which he confessed he was "no John Travolta".

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