Antiques Roadshow guest speechless as necklace valued at whopping £500k – setting jewellery record

AN Antiques Roadshow guest could not believe her eyes when she was presented with a Boucheron necklace worth £500,000.

The guest brought along a peacock feather brooch modelled on the famous Boucheron question mark necklace which broke jewellery records.

Antiques Roadshow is a series on BBC One in which antiques experts travel the country to valuate the treasures that people find in their homes

Expert Joanna Hardy asked the guest how she acquired the "beautiful, iconic motif, the peacock feather.”

The guest replied: “We were visiting Vienna and we were staying in a hotel which had the most beautiful vitrine, a showcase in foyer and this brooch was there.

“Every time we passed, I’d sort of gasp and say how wonderful it was. On the third day, my husband said he was going to buy it for me. So I was rather taken aback as you can imagine.”

Joanna replied: “First of all, this is just such a wonderful copy of a feather.”

To which the guest added: “And do you know it woggles. It’s tremblant, I think is the word.”

“Exactly,” Joanna said.

“We call it en tremblant. I’m going to turn it over and you can see the beautiful craftsmanship of everything being pierced out.

En Tremblant jewellery refers to where parts of the diamond set pieces are attached to a trembler – a material that acts as a spring such – to make the jewel move.

“I mean, this has been lovingly made. It is white gold on top and yellow gold underneath," Joanna continued.

“It is set throughout with diamonds, you’ve got these beautiful calibre cut sapphires and a cabochon emerald to the centre.”

She added: “When I first saw the photograph of this, I immediately thought, ‘Oh my goodness, it looks very similar to a Boucheron feather.’ Have you heard of Boucheron?”

Joanna continued: “They’re a wonderful Parisian jewellers that started in 1858 by Frederic Boucheron.

“They had it so that it actually was part of a necklace and it was called a question mark necklace."

Joanna then told the guest she could get £25,000 at auction for the brooch before revealing a surprise.

She introduced her colleague Sandra, who was wearing the original Boucheron feather from 1883.

Joanna revealed: “It’s retailing for around £500,000.”

During its 40 year run, the Antiques Roadshow has thrown up some pricey gems that have been valued and sold for millions.

One of the most expensive items to that appear on Antiques Roadshow was a prototype model of the world famous Angel of the North.

Fine art expert Philip Mould valued the scale model at £1million which broke the show's valuation record.

Shortly afterwards, another million pound item appeared when former footballer Eddie Gray and sports presenter Gabby Logan went on the show.

They brought an FA Cup, which was the third version of the trophy that has been used during the history of the competition.

Expert Alastair Dickenson, said it was worth £1million, adding it is the most famous sporting trophy alongside the Wimbledon men's singles cup.

In 2018 a Fabergé flower was also given a £1million price tag by valuer Geoffrey Munn.

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