BBC Breakfast's Nina Warhust branded a 'Karen' after clashing with teenager on way home from work | The Sun

NINA Warhust has shared how she was labelled the derogatory term, ‘Karen’ while on public transport.

After presenting BBC Breakfast this morning, the popular host, 42, Tweeted about the incident.

She said: “I’ve also just been told “you’re such a Karen”  for asking a young person on the tram to turn their music down.”

Karen is a negative term used to refer to a specific type of white woman, whose behaviours and actions appear to come from a position of privilege. 

It is associated with an individual who asks to “speak to the manager” or who carries out racist micro-aggressions.

The journalist tried to make light of the situation by quoting a previous Tweet she posted yesterday about enjoying middle age. 

Linking to Hugh Grant’s interview with Ashley Graham at the Oscars on Sunday night which has gone viral for his ‘rude’ and potentially dismissive responses.

Nina said: “This is the vibe I am wholeheartedly embracing as I sink comfortably in to middle age (Huge not Ashely ftr).”

Above this and in reference to embracing mid life after being called a 'Karen', Nina said: “So i think we’re well on our way."

Her colleague, BBC sports correspondent, Natalie Perks, showed her support and said: “My kids call it ‘going full Karen’ if I stand up for myself in any way or push back on any single thing, so I don’t think we can win once we are over 40.” Nina replied with: “It burns.”

Fans threw their support behind her, one wrote: “Long live Karen. I'd call it being respectful to others. You're also ensuring that their hearing will survive a bit longer!”

Another added: “Good for you. More of us need to stand up to ignorant selfish and entitled people, of all ages. I hope they turned it down.”

While others teased her, one said: “Karen" , usually a white middle aged woman, who always demands her own way, often seen sporting a "bob cut" hairstyle.That young person may have a valid point Nina.”

Another said “Karen Warhurst has a rather nice ring to it wouldn’t you say.”

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