BBC The One Show fans blast ‘rude and unprofessional’ end to chat with Shakira

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Viewers of The One Show have blasted its presenters for a “rude and unprofessional” ending to a segment with Shakira on Friday night.

The Colombian songstress, 44, who has not had a song out in four years, was on the BBC programme via video link to promote her new single Don’t Wait Up when she was abruptly cut off.

Presenters Alex Jones and Ronan Keating were chatting to the sexy star when the show befell some technical difficulties.

Alex, 44, awkwardly tried to engage Shakira by asking: "Shakira can you hear us now? There's only a minute left of the show…but what does it feel like to be back?"

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Poor Shakira only had 45 seconds to respond before being suddenly cut off by the Welsh presenter.

The She Wolf singer said: "I'm extremely excited, I feel very inspired.

"I feel like a horse that is running wild after so long being in a box at a stable. Now that it's actually safer to be in a recording studio with all the collaborators, everything that I've got is pouring out."

However, mum of three Alex had to hurriedly jump in with: "Sorry that's all we've got time for…"

But fans were far from impressed with how the show handled the situation.

One Twitter user said: “As if the one show just disrespected Shakira like that”, while another added: “The one show got some f***** nerve cutting Shakira off lemme cancel them."

Manycalled it "disrespectful," with one saying: "We want Shakira back. This was disrespectful. #TheOneShow @BBCOne."

Another commented: "Sorry, #TheOneShow but cutting @shakira off that was incredibly rude and unprofessional."

Meanwhile, Alex was also forced to shush a rogue cameraman for laughing live on air during the show earlier this week, while discussing an upcoming HS2 segment.

Introducing the clip, Alex said: “Plus, Kevin Duala is burrowing under the M25 with a massive boring machine.”

She added: “(It’s) slowly creating the controversial HS2 train lines.”

But instead of swiftly moving on with the show, Alex looked off-camera due to being distracted by a giggling cameraman.

Not one to let things slide, Alex brought this to viewers attention and collared her coworker live on air.

She stated: “Not that type of burrowing, Phil on camera three.

“Burrowing, down, into the ground!”

More fits of laughter then echoed in the studio due to the presenter calling out her colleague's antics on air.

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