BGT and Escape To The Country star Nick Page becomes a dad for the first time at age 50

BRITAIN's Got Talent and Escape To The Country star Nick Page has become a dad for the first time at the age of 50.

The comedian welcomed sweet baby Magnus into the world with his partner of 12 years Alice in November last year.

Nick told Birmingham Live: "We were very lucky that Magnus was born in the window between lockdowns so I could be in the hospital for the birth and my in-laws could visit.

"Becoming a dad for the first time at 50 creates a lot of comedy material, especially at a time like this.

"Despite having all my work cancelled during lockdown, I feel incredibly lucky as I have been with him every day of his life so far, but if I'd still had my overseas and cruise bookings, I'd have been away for half of that time.'"

Before pursuing his new career as a comedian, Nick was a a property expert on BBC One daytime show Escape To The Country back in 2002. 

Speaking to The Sun about the TV gig, he said: "I had a brief stint on daytime telly and I was rubbish at it.

"I'd started doing comedy and was going for castings and because I was still working as an estate agent all of a sudden I went for a screen test for this new show Escape To The Country.

"They figured I'd be cheap 'cause they had no budget at all for the first few series."

"I worked out I was the lowest paid member of the crew.”

In 2005 the funny man was convicted of mortgage fraud and had to complete 200 hours of community service.

He added: “I was really really stupid and I got prosecuted for mortgage fraud. I did community service and I was very lucky not to go to prison.”

Over the past few years Nick had been performing for British troops in Afghanistan.

Through his gigs in war zones Nick has also faced tricky situations and had to stop a gig because of an attack.

Nick added: "We’ve had shows in Afghanistan where they’ve had to be stopped because of rocket attacks. We came under fire while we were leaving one of the forward operating bases."

He also recently stepped in to replace shamed comedian Andrew Lawrence at gigs after a string of venues cancelled shows with Andrew over racist "jokes" he made on Twitter about England's football stars. 

He made vile comments in the aftermath of England's heartbreaking penalty shoot-out defeat to Italy. 

Addressing the outcry, Nick said: "There are so many ways to be funny, you shouldn’t have to rely on any bullying or prejudice.

"I hope people who bought tickets to see Andrew Lawrence aren’t turning up because they expect racism as they won’t be getting it.

"I’ve heard that some staff at these venues have had hate spewed at them about cancellations and even death threats, which to me, proves it was the right decision to cancel."

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