Casualty review with spoilers: Farewell Elle, as Connie struggles to cope

It was Elle (Jaye Griffiths)’s last day on Casualty today, but right up until the end it wasn’t certain that she’d be leaving at all. She admitted to Jacob (Charles Venn) that she didn’t know whether she was doing the right thing by leaving. He reassured her that it was the best thing for her, but then David (Jason Durr) started talking about how the place would fall apart without her. ‘You’ve been the one holding us together,’ he said.

Holding everything together is supposed to be Connie (Amanda Mealing)’s job, but she’s barely holding herself together at the moment, as Elle pointed out. It was Connie putting a good word in for her that had secured the new job for Elle. Was Connie trying to get rid of her? Elle thought so. Sadly Connie left it too late to realise that she could really do with Elle as a friend.

All the patients o’ the week came from the same incident. Two brothers broke into a house. One of the brothers was more ruthless than the other and gave the less ruthless one (Aidan) some drugs to calm him down. The house belonged to Terry and his daughter Georgie, and it was clear from the start that it was an odd set-up. When Georgie was hurt in the fight that ensued when Terry got back to discover the brothers in his house, Elle soon realised that Terry had been keeping the girl hidden away. She had poor language skills, was anaemic and had a vitamin D deficiency. Terry’s explanations for why there were no medical records for her didn’t ring true.

Elle worked hard to gain Georgie’s trust and eventually got Terry to admit that Georgie’s mum had been killed in a mugging, and Terry was trying to protect his daughters (there was another one that the paramedics didn’t spot) by hiding them away from the world.

Connie is also hiding from the world. Elle told her that she’d noticed Connie hadn’t done a single procedure since she was attacked. ‘I’m speaking as a friend,’ said Elle. ‘In what twisted little universe are you and I friends?’ Connie replied, but she accepted Elle’s challenge and got stuck into looking after the badly injured Aidan and asserted herself in a properly Connie way when Archie (Genesis Lynea) questioned her decisions. Straight afterwards she had to go to her office and have a panic attack, though. Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry), who was looming about the place in this episode, told Connie that a ‘troubleshooter’ will be arriving next week to sort out the struggling department. This is not the kind of pressure she needs.

A good friend might have come in handy, but ultimately Elle decided to leave after all. She’s not taking the new job, but nor does she want to stay in the ED. She gave Connie the number of a therapist and then left, crying as she looked at all her lovely goodbye cards and gifts. Connie ran after her and called her name – but she was too late.

Elsewhere, Ruby (Maddy Hill) was hunting everywhere for her missing stethoscope and realised that Dani (Georgia Hughes) must have taken it. Dani was once again lurking when Ruby went to patients and back at the ambulance station. She told Ruby that she just wants to be friends, but Ruby pointed out that, ‘Friends don’t behave like this.’

What friends do, as far as Ruby is concerned, is look out for their mates and she was looking out for Iain (Michael Stevenson) by providing him with a written support plan in case he ever feels desperate or suicidal again. Despite everything, Iain still tries to deny he needs ongoing help and dismissed this as a ‘list of babysitters.’

And Jacob was upset to discover that some of the pills Aidan had been given by his brother had actually been prescribed for Omo – Jacob’s mother. He went to see her, fearing that she was being exploited, but she accused him of abandoning her and said he’s dead to her.

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