Casualty spoilers: Connie advises Ethan to keep quiet about his illness

There was worry for Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima) and Ethan (George Rainsford) in tonight’s Casualty as their baby – who is called Bodie – was rushed into the ED with worrying symptoms. They should really have been expecting it, as it’s an unwritten rule that any baby in a serial drama will develop alarming symptoms at some point.

Luckily in this case baby Bodie was fine after a bit of medical TLC from Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing). More importantly, the whole experience gave Fenisha a chance to see how lovely Ethan was with the baby and gave Ethan time to reflect on what he should be doing.

He went to Connie for advice, as she knows about his Huntington’s. He explained that he felt he should be honest and tell Fenisha that the baby might have inherited the condition from him. Connie explained – for our benefit as much as Ethan’s – that the chance of Bodie having it was 50/50 and he can’t be tested until he’s 18. For these reasons, it’s sometimes best not to know. ‘You wish Cal had left you in ignorant bliss,’ Connie pointed out, and Ethan had to agree. ‘You gift that ignorant bliss to Bodie and Fenisha.’

So Ethan has decided to keep quiet for now, and told Fenisha he’s ‘100% in’ as far as being in the baby’s life is concerned. She was pleased, but she’s still wary of his flip-flopping ways and made it clear that they can reset their relationship as parents, but not as a couple. But in a nice gesture she suggested giving Bodie the middle name of Cal, after Ethan’s dead brother.

While Connie was busy looking after Bodie, her own child was left to wander around the department on her own. Grace (Emily Carey) is no longer of an age where she can be parked in the staff room with some crayons and a bottle of Fruit Shoot for company.

She’s even a bit too old for Ollie Hide (Harry Collett), who had an awkward go at talking to her but was promptly rejected because Grace had a slightly more mature man in her sights – new paramedic Leon (Bobby Lockwood). He impressed her by showing off about his job, with the result that Connie got home from a hard day at the office to find Grace and Leon in various states of undress. Oops.

Much of the time was taken up with the story of PC Andrea Mills (Cat Simmons), who hit a suspect she was chasing and unfortunately killed him. As the story unfolded it became clear that the victim was actually the man who’d raped Andrea a year earlier, and encountering him in the alley had given her flashbacks to that trauma, so she hit him on the back of the head with more force than she should have.

Jade (Gabriella Leon), who overheard the whole story because she’s ace at lipreading, offered her support to Andrea as she turned herself in to her commanding officer.

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