Celeb MasterChef viewers in hysterics as Bez uses unusual cooking utensil ‘Priceless!’

Celebrity MasterChef: Bez stirs pot with a rolling pin

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Celebrity MasterChef is back with a brand new series and a fresh celebrity line-up. Hosts John Torode and Gregg Wallace welcomed Su Pollard, Rita Simons, Duncan James, and Bez onto the show on Tuesday night for the second episode of the series. However, BBC viewers got the giggles when Happy Mondays star Bez used an unorthodox method when cooking a pasta dish.

Su, Rita, Duncan and Bez were welcomed back onto the celebrity cooking show on Tuesday night, having succeeded in the first round of the competition.

At the beginning of the episode, the celebrities had to take on a timed cooking challenge.

The stars had to cook pasta carbonara in just 15 minutes without an ingredient list or recipe.

Each of the celebrities did well with the task, but it was Bez who was the standout of the round.

The musician was the only celebrity to use the correct ingredients, knowing that the sauce was made with eggs and cheese.

His competitors Su, Rita and Duncan all mistakenly added cream to the sauce.

However, despite showing off his impressive cooking skills in the challenge, Bez also got the attention of viewers for another reason altogether.

The star made judge Gregg and viewers at home get the giggles when he used an unusual cooking utensil to stir his pasta.

While rolling fresh pasta, Bez revealed: “I’ve never actually made homemade pasta before. This is my first time.

“That looks good,” Gregg remarked, as he watched Bez’s freshly made spaghetti come out of the pasta machine.

Bez then placed his fresh spaghetti into a pan of boiling water and reached for the closest utensil.

The musician shocked the judges when he began stirring his pasta with a large wooden rolling pin.

With his head in his hands, John commented: “Do you want to use a spoon rather than a rolling pin mate?”

“Oh sorry,” Bez replied, as he laughed it off and found himself a spoon.

Gregg got the giggles over the incident and exclaimed: “I kind of liked it!”

It seems as though the viewers at home found Bez’s cooking technique very entertaining too as many took to Twitter to comment on the comical moment.

“Bez using a rolling pin to stir his pasta on Masterchef has made my day. #MasterChef,” one viewer remarked.

A second agreed: “Bez stirring his pasta with a rolling pin #priceless #masterchef.”

“Use a spoon not a rolling pin Bez #MasterChef #CelebrityMasterChef,” another added.

Luckily for Bez, his carbonara pasta impressed the judges despite his unusual cooking methods.

He made it through to the next round of the competition alongside Duncan and Sue as it was Rita who was knocked out.

Celebrity MasterChef continues Friday at 9pm on BBC One.

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