Christine McGuinness cavorts in sexy blue lingerie as she says being naked helps her to sleep

CHRISTINE McGuiness showed off her figure in a sexy body suit as she opened up about how sleeping naked helped her insomnia.

The 32-year-old, who is married to Take Me Out and Top Gear funnyman Paddy McGuinness, posed in the sexy one-piece as she flogged her favourite fake tan.

Christine posed in the striking blue Ann Summers body suit, showing off her toned boy in a mix of luxe velvet and sheer mesh.

She stood against a wall smiling towards the camera, allowing her blonde hair to fall in waves over her shoulders.

The mum-of-three looked surprisingly fresh faced considering she admitted to sometimes only sleeping two hours a night.

She opened up about her battle with insomnia and she has "struggled with sleep since my teenage years, it’s totally normal for me to have between 2-5 hrs sleep".

Taking to Instagram she wrote: "I’m not trying to ‘fix’ this as it’s just a part of my life now and there are times that I love being awake through the night.. it’s the only time I get to myself 😌 but I am looking for tips on how to switch off for those nights that I really need sleep!"

The blonde beauty revealed "there are so many reasons that I don’t sleep" but rather than trying to change those causes she wanted to learn how to relax when she needed to.

Christine also admitted "CBD has helped in the past, I LOVE gummies and CBD oil is actually great but I hate the taste of it" and that she does not want to take any kind of pills to help her sleep because "I need to be able to wake up easy and alert if my children need me".

The "hypersensitive" Christine does not want to use smelly oils, or read a book because she struggles to concentrate or rely on alcohol to help her get 40 wings.

She also revealed being naked helps her sleep.

"Oh I just can’t wear pjs, or anything at all to sleep but I need a quilt whatever the weather," Christine wrote.

"I don’t watch TV, I’m a televerian! (I totally just made that word up but basically I very rarely watch TV).

"But my mind just loves to party all night!"

Her fans loved her honesty, saying it was "nice to hear others struggling with over thinking too".

Christine shares three children with hubby Paddy, 47, and recently revealed they had struggled during lockdown.

She is mum to seven-year-old twins Leo and Penelope, and Felicity, four. 

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