Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne cheats with Bethany Platt while wife Sinead is on her death bed – The Sun

DANIEL Osbourne will kiss Bethany Platt in Coronation Street next week as his wife Sinead Tinker is on her death bed.

The moment of madness comes after Daniel – who’s played by Rob Mallard in the ITV soap –  is horrified when Kirk, Beth and Craig arrive in festive jumpers and tell him they’ve organised an early Christmas for Sinead.

A cross Daniel insist she’s far too ill for anything like this, but Sinead insists it’s the best idea ever.

As the couple, along with Ken, Tracy, Beth, Kirk and Craig sit down to Christmas dinner, Daniel’s overprotectiveness causes friction and he ends up storming out.

Sinead (Katie McGlynn) assures the family that Daniel will come home when he’s ready and encourages them all to enjoy the Christmas lunch as much as possible.

Meanwhile, Bethany (Lucy Fallon) finds a distraught Daniel sobbing in the ginnel. He breaks down in her arms, wishing he could change everything.

Bethany holds him and, before long, one thing leads to another and she kisses him. But Ken sees what’s happened and angrily orders Daniel to go home to his dying wife, while a crushed Bethany heads off in tears.

Distraught at her actions, Bethany admits to Audrey that she’s in love with Daniel and blames herself for taking advantage of him when he was clearly in turmoil.

Meanwhile, at the flat, Sinead reaches for her notebook, only to find it’s Bethany’s which she’s left behind.

She opens it and starts reading. Daniel then returns and Sinead reveals she’s read Bethany’s short story and it’s clear she’s in love with him.

Daniel tries to deny it but Sinead begs him to be honest with her.

He confesses there was a kiss, but it meant nothing. A devastated Sinead can’t even look at him with a furious Craig bundles him out of the door.

Craig then confronts Bethany, telling her he’s disgusted with her. Will Sinead be able to forgive her husband before it’s too late?

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