Coronation Street spoilers – Max fighting for life after love triangle horror plunge; plus Emmerdale & EastEnders news

CORRIE's Max Turner becomes involved in a love triangle next week which could have devastating consequences for the teen.

Nicky’s world comes crashing down after realising that images of her past sex worker life are being shared all around the school leaving Daniel furious.

ITV spoilers have now revealed that troubled teen Max Turner will become involved in the drama and Daniel demands he takes responsibility.

With Max's behaviour aggravating Daniel, he chooses to threaten Max suggesting it’s time Amy knew who spiked her drink – saying that if Max doesn’t tell her, he will.

The storyline reaches its terrifying conclusion on Friday, April 29, when Max has a huge fall out with David, who has confiscated his phone.

The pair make matters worse as they throw insults at each other resulting in David saying Max’s mum would be ashamed of him if she were alive.

Unable to cope, Max attempts to run away and smashes the glass on the barber’s door and climbs in, hoping to retrieve his phone.

But as Max climbs out of the barber’s, he lacerates his leg on the broken glass in the door and collapses onto the street.

Will Max be found in time or could the break-in have fatal consequences?

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  • Louis Allwood

    Kel Allen clears up rumour

    Corrie’s Kel Allen has been forced to clear up rumour she’s in her 20s – despite playing mum of 16-year-old.

    On the soap, Kel plays Laura Neelan, a tragic mum to a 16-year-old, but fans have been astounded after it was claimed the actress could be just 29 years old.

    It was claimed online that she was born in 1992, meaning that she would be either 29 or 30 years old this year.

    This has shocked fans and they took to Twitter to express their surprise at her age, with one writing: “If she is 28 then she’s young to be playing the mother of a teenage daughter!”

    While another commented: “I’ve only recently found out that Kel Allen who plays Laura is only 28 years old. I thought that she was much older than that.”

    Kel was then left clearing up the confusion and revealed that her name had been mixed up with paralympian Kelly Allen – and that she wasn’t in her 20s.

    She said: “Some fun facts about moi…

    “I’m not 28, throw on another decade! I’m proud to be rocking it for the nana crew! FYI… I’m not a nana, just close to middle age. It’s a northern expression of speech.

    “Let’s do the math, Laura would have given birth to Kelly at the age of 11.

    “I never lost an arm in a canoeing accident… touch wood! I’m not an Olympian… if only!

    “The moral of the story… don’t believe everything you read! Happy Sunday to you.”

  • Louis Allwood

    EastEnders Spoiler: Sam returns to the Square

    Six years after she was last seen in Albert Square, Sam comes back to her roots this week and tensions are already brimming as not many residents will be happy to see her.

    Coming up, Sam immediately gets on the wrong side of Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) and Sharon.

    Both are even more frustrated when the latter remains tight-lipped about why she’s back and enjoys winding them both up.

    Elsewhere, Jack is nervous to see Sam back and, although she assures him she’ll only stay for a brief visit, he tells his wife Denise Fox (Diane Parish) their son Ricky deserves to know who she is.

    Ricky was left by Sam in Walford following her last visit in 2016.

    However, Ben will also come to resent his aunt as her true motives will be uncovered – and it could have everything to do with the family business.

  • Louis Allwood

    Dotty hides a shocking secret

    While the Mitchells are on the verge of a family feud, Dotty Cotton (portrayed by Milly Zero) is running away from the truth and her relationship with her boyfriend Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota) could be on the rocks.

    This week, Vinny reinforces his love for his on-and-off girlfriend but she is left spooked.

    Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris) immediately picks up on her mood and encourages her to be upfront with Vinny – she clearly doesn’t feel the same way.

    Later on, at the Panesars’ home, Vinny realises that Dotty is acting off with him and asks her to explain what is going on between them.

    But will the club manager come clean and admit she doesn’t love him?

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale boss reveals secret inspiration behind Meena

    EMMERDALE boss Kate Brooks has revealed the secret inspiration behind Meena Jutla as the serial killer makes her final appearance tonight.

    The murderer – who is played by actress Paige Sandhu in the ITV soap – has proved to be a hugely popular character despite slaying three villagers during a year-long reign of terror.

    And now with Meena facing sentencing tonight, producer Kate has confirmed that Killing Eve assassin Villanelle was the inspiration behind the character.

    She told The Sun and other media: “Killing Eve and Jodie Comer has been a joy to watch and there are definitely elements of that in Meena, the way she enjoys the kill, and the flippancy they both have about death and people dying. 

    “They enjoy the process of seeing the life leave someone’s body, which is very dark, but that is what makes them so interesting. 

    “The thing we say when chatting about Meena is that when you are watching all these deeds unfold you kind of enjoyed it, even though it is heartbreaking for Liam and Charles actually you are almost rooting for this character because she does it with a sense of style and wit, and so there is this dark comedy with Meena too, again, similar to Killing Eve. 

    “Essentially these characters are irredeemable, but at the same time you can’t help but like them. “

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale’s Meena may not be killed off

    Emmerdale producer Kate Brooks has said that one thing that won’t happen is that Meena Julta will not be killed off.

    Kate explained: “She has given us so much storyline recently that of course there is always that temptation to let her get away with it. 

    “A person who is capable of such heinous crimes and has no remorse can’t stay long in the village. 

    “They can’t continue on that path because there is no where else for her to go. 

    “We knew that we needed to draw a line under it, not just for the viewers but for our characters who are left. 

    “They need justice and need for Meena to be punished for her crimes. 

    “If they don’t get the closure then there is no way to move them on as characters, so we knew that we had to let Meena’s fate rest in the hands of the soap gods and so I hope people will be very satisfied with what she gets.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Nine huge Corrie spoilers for this week

    SUMMER Spellman’s fate is on the line this week as her struggle with disordered eating takes over her life.

    The Coronation Street teen slips into a diabetic coma. Get the lowdown on all of this week’s drama.

    1. Summer slips into a coma…
    2.  …And makes a new friend
    3. Abi could lose Alfie
    4. Sally gets rid of Elaine
    5. Daisy spirals into paranoia
    6. Nicky’s secret comes to light
    7. Eileen catches George red-handed
    8. Gary finds Rick’s secret money stash
    9. Adam overworks

    Read more about the spoilers here.

  • Louis Allwood

    Corrie spoiler: Nicky’s secret comes to light

    When Daisy suggests to Daniel they should all meet up after work for a drink, Nicky arrives at the Rovers unaware that Daisy is trying to set her up with Weatherfield County FC footballer Ashley.

    Nicky is clearly embarrassed when he recognises her due to her past as a sex worker.

    She makes excuses and abruptly leaves the Rovers as Daisy learns Ashley and Nicky spent time together when she was a sex worker.

    Upset, Daisy talks over her anxieties of seeing Nicky back in the cobbles with Daniel, confronting him about his ex’s past in sex work.

    Things appears to smooth over and Daisy asks Daniel to stay away from Nicky. However, things take yet another turn when she spots them looking cosy in the café.

    Nicky is in for a nasty shock when Mrs Crawshaw summons herto a meeting and tells her they need to discuss her past.

    Later on, she explains to Daniel that videos and images from her past are all over the school and she’s been suspended.

    A furious Daniel assumes Daisy is responsible but the latter tells Jenny she’s hurt to think he believes she’s capable of something so vicious.

    Who is the real culprit? Is Nicky’s future in Weatherfield really compromised?

  • Louis Allwood

    Seven massive Emmerdale spoilers for this week

    Get the lowdown on this week’s drama at the Dale’s:

    1. Leyla’s connection to Suzy is exposed
    2. Marlon gets devastating news
    3. Rhona kicks Mary out
    4. Cain wages war on Al (again)
    5. Kim makes a shocking demand
    6. Meena gets her verdict
    7. Noah is ready for revenge

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  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale cast Peaky Blinders hunk Jack Parr

    EMMERDALE bosses have cast Peaky Blinders hunk Jack Parr for a major new storyline.

    The actor – who played Dougie Bill in the last series of the gritty historical drama – will make his debut in the ITV soap next week.

    He will play a new character called Jordan who becomes embroiled in the lives of several villagers.

    A source revealed: “Jordan will arrive in the village in a shocking way and end up pitting neighbour against neighbour.

    “It’s going to be a dramatic storyline and take on a serious issue.”

    Jack will also soon be seen in a major new series from Apple TV called Masters of the Air.

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale spoiler: Noah is ready for revenge

    Noah Dingle’s (Jack Downham) behaviour continues to be a cause for concern in the village.

    The youngster first goes to great lengths with Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) by buying her gig tickets, but she’s off with Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) at the first opportunity.

    She later tries to cheer up Nate after a call where his former fiancée Tracy Metcalfe has admitted she is dating someone new.

    Lurking in the shadows, Noah spots Chloe with Nate and looks revengeful.

    What trick does he have up his sleeve?

  • Louis Allwood

    Bill Roache: Corrie was almost called something completely different

    CORONATION Street actor Bill Roache has revealed Coronation Street was originally supposed to have an entirely different name — Florizel Street.

    The actor, who has played Ken Barlow on the cobbles since the soap started in 1960, said the title was eventually changed because they thought it “sounded like a sanitary detergent.”

    He said: “It was called Florizel Street when we started rehearsing and everything. I remember coming in the room and saying Flor-aI-zel and a groan went up.

    “Apparently a lot of people had been not liking it and one of the cleaners had said it sounded like a sanitary detergent.

    “So the producer came in and said right, ‘I don’t care what name you’ve got, so long as it’s Coronation Street.’”

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