Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan Prescott risks becoming Gary Windass’s next victim after £650 goes missing

CORRIE’S Ryan Prescott gets in Gary Windass’s murderous bad books after accidentally losing £650 of his money.

It results in the pair coming to blows and the builder beating the lad to within an inch of his life.

Ryan Prescott will see the dark side of Coronation Street’s new villain Gary Windass next week when he accidentally crosses the killer.

As the week kicks off, Gary takes a wad of dead loan shark Rick Neelan’s money, and stashes it in a desk drawer at the furniture shop, before heading out on some dodgy business.

The builder-turned-bad-boy – who’s played by Mikey North in the ITV soap – leaves Ryan in charge of the business.

Later, Gary’s impressed when Ryan reveals he sold a piece of furniture for £200 while Gary was out.

Gary’s less pleased however when Ryan reveals it was the desk with the stash of cash hidden in the draw.

An agitated Gary tells Ryan there was £650 in the desk he sold.

Apologetic, Ryan tells Gary that it was Mary Taylor who bought the desk for the flower shop.

Gary then calls in the flower shop and rifles through the desk drawers in search of the money. Mary assures him that the drawers were empty when she purchased it.

Meanwhile, Ryan – Ryan Prescott – tells Alya Nazir that he’s sold some vinyl so he can join her on her trip to Copenhagen after all. Alya’s thrilled.

Soon Gary tackles Ryan over the missing money and Ryan swears blind that he knows nothing about it.

But when Alya accidentally lets slip that Ryan’s come into some money, Gary quietly fumes.

He confronts Ryan over his apparent windfall and it’s only when he threatens to call the police that Ryan tells him he took the money from the desk drawer.

A furious Gary tells him he can pay it back to him, plus interest.

It was revealed last week that Gary will soon be seen flying into a rage at Ryan, beating him half to death.

Photos show Gary punching Ryan, leaving him bruised, bloodied and possibly fighting for his life.

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