Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd is hiding a secret hobby – he’s a champion dominoes player – The Sun

AFTER you’ve spent a hard day being a villain on the cobbles, how do you relax?

If you’re Jack P. Shepherd, it’s a game of dominoes.

You might expect to see old blokes playing the traditional pub game down the Rovers.

But Corrie’s David Platt revealed he likes to lay down a few tiles when he’s not on set — and he’s a secret champion.

Jack said: “I play dominoes. I’m in a league.

“I’ve been doing that for about ten years now.

“I’m very good. We have two chances to win titles a year and in ten years I’ve won six.”

It’s probably nice to have a slow-paced pastime, as Jack’s soap storylines are anything but.

Since arriving in 2000 he has pushed his mum Gail (Helen Worth) down the stairs, spent time in prison and been at the centre of a plot concerning rape.

Jack’s not the only celeb with a hankering to play the game though.

Charlize Theron used dominoes to help raise money for her HIV charity.

Her first gala in 2008 saw David Walliams, Ashton Kutcher, Penelope Cruz, James Franco and other famous names play the game across several nights.

I reckon Jack would wipe the floor with the A-listers if he ever got an invite.

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