Corrie’s Sally Carman reacts to shock Seb trial verdict as she teases Abi’s ‘outrageous’ revenge on Corey

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Coronation Street viewers were left outraged tonight as they watched Kelly being sent down for the murder of Seb, while evil Corey walked out of court a free man.

But nobody was more heartbroken than Seb’s devastated mum, Abi, played by actress Sally Carman.

Now, Sally has opened up about how Abi is feeling knowing that her son’s killer is still on the loose after playing dirty in court – and how she’s already planning her epic revenge.

Sally explains: “Abi was daring to believe that justice could be done. That’s why she’d done everything by the book.”

The actress continues: “It was just sheer will to believe that perhaps justice would be done – but, of course, it isn’t.

“But there’s no way Abi can leave it at that. She can’t let that go because the injustice is just too much. She had a cut-off point and it’s been crossed.”

In the coming months, Corrie fans will see Abi go to extreme lengths to wreak her revenge for her son’s death – no matter what it takes.

Teasing what’s to come on the lead-up to the soap’s ‘Super Soap Week’ in October, Sally says: “She’s got it in her heart that she needs to get justice for Seb in one way or another.”

“She’s so reactive, she doesn’t think things through, it’s like she’s someone after ten pints, but she does it just in general.”

“There’s nothing that she’s not capable of doing. She’s an emotionally underdeveloped, walking heartbeat, so watch out!”

The star also revealed just how far loose canon Abi will take things to make sure her son did not die in vain.

She explains: “It’s huge and it’s life-changing and all of those things, but it’s like she’s being driven by a force that she can’t stop.”

“It’s slightly out of her hands as well because she has to do what she’s going to do.”

And Sally says she’s already started working on some pretty epic stunt scenes that are guaranteed to have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Whetting viewers’ appetites, she said: “It’s ridiculous. It’s outrageous. And it was so much fun.”

“It’s one of those storylines as an actor that you just go, “Ahh! Come on, let’s have it!”

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