'Dancing with the Stars': Britt Stewart Shares One Incredibly Important Aspect of Her Life Outside the Ballroom [Exclusive]

Britt Stewart isn’t just a pro dancer on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. She’s also an advocate for young Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) who have dreams of becoming dancers. The DWTS pro spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet to share details about the Share the Movement nonprofit, of which she is the president. Learn more about the nonprofit and what Share the Movement is doing for BIPOC dancers. 

Britt Stewart has been a ‘DWTS’ pro since season 29

Before dancing as a pro, Stewart performed with the DWTS troupe beginning in season 23. Dancing with the Stars introduced Stewart as a pro dancer — someone who dances with a celebrity partner — in season 29. She made it to the semi-finals with her figure skating partner Johnny Weir. 

In season 30, Stewart performed with Cobra Kai actor Martin Kove. The duo was the first eliminated of the season after their week two cha-cha to “Twist & Shout.” 

Britt Stewart is the president of Share the Movement nonprofit 

When Showbiz first spoke to Stewart in November 2020, Share the Movement was in it’s Infancy. But in the last six months, the nonprofit has taken off. 

“We officially launched in April 2021,” Stewart explained, elaborating on Share the Movement’s goal: “Our mission is to increase diversity in the professional dance industry by providing educational, financial, and inspirational support to young BIPOC dancers.” 

Despite launching in April 2021, Stewart is impressed with how successful the nonprofit has been over the last six months. “We were able to provide 17 full scholarships to young BIPOC dancers to their preferred summer dance program,” the DWTS pro added. “We also partnered with an online dance platform called CLI Studios.” 

In doing so, Share the Movement offered scholarships for every child who applied for one, plus free summer classes through CLI’s program. “Even if we weren’t able to financially back a student, they were able to still attend CLI Studios for free this summer,” Stewart explained. “We were blown away by the response and how many applications we received, especially being only launched in April.”

‘Dancing with the Stars’ pro Britt Stewart’s plans to continue supporting BIPOC dancers through Share the Movement 

This is only the beginning, as Share the Movement has big plans for the future. “Moving forward, we [have] our full year-round program, which is a year-round scholarship for two BIPOC students with a partnered dance studio in their community,” the Dancing with the Stars pro elaborated to us. “We are currently in the stages of finding our first partner dance studio and fundraising so we can provide the scholarship.” 

Plus, Stewart teased even more for Share the Movement. “We will be starting our mentorship program with kids and our Share the Movement community members, which is a group of amazing dancers, choreographers, [and] dance educators that are a direct reflection of the kids that we hope to [provide a] scholarship,” she says. 

Share the Movement also plans to start something called Community Dance Days. The organization will go into underserved communities or communities with a lack of opportunity and provide them with dance training. Plus, Stewart teased free dance classes provided by Share the Movement in the future! 

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