Daytime TV host Elaine Crowley reveals she earns 'far from' a six-figure salary

TV presenter Elaine Crowley has revealed that she earns “far from” a six-figure salary in her current role with Virgin Media.

The 41-year-old, who hosts her self-titled daytime panel show, has said it “bugs” her when people think that she earns a high salary because she is on television.

Speaking to RSVP this month, she said: “You get a few people who are on six figures but I am far from that let me tell you.

“In this day and age you don’t go into media for the money.

“Television isn’t a very lucrative career anymore. If you look at the way the media is going, everything is going online. It’s not as glamorous as it used to be or even as in demand as it used to be.”

The Cork native admitted that she has “resigned herself to the fact” she will never be able to afford her own home in Dublin because “with a mortgage, you can get three-and-a-half times your wages which is generally not enough to buy anything in Dublin with one wage.”

“It is nuts, absolutely crazy – you are renting for years so you can’t save for a deposit, then you can’t get a mortgage,” she said.

“The cost of a one-bedroom apartment here is outrageous and it is impossible if you are on your own.

“It is worrying when you can’t call somewhere a home at my age. I might buy down the country, a place to retire that is my own.”

The popular host also put rumours to rest that she is eyeing up up the presenting gig on The Late Late Show, saying that daytime TV is where she believes she can find the most success.

“The whole landscape of media and television has changed but that said The Elaine Show is flying, the figures are going up, so there are two sides to it.

“I think if you are looking to be a chat show host and you look at the best in the business, like Oprah and Ellen, they are not doing the Saturday night show, they are doing daytime during the week – this is what I’m looking at.

“People can dismiss daytime shows but it is what is watched.”

The DIT communications graduate believes that presenting requires “a head on your shoulders” and that every presenter needs to have the right training and expertise for the job in order to succeed in television.

“You see people getting themselves in to trouble on social media because they don’t have the training and they libel someone,” she said.

“I was very wooden for a long time, but you do have to have a head on your shoulders, especially if you are doing a magazine-type show like I do.

“Any old fool can read an autocue and some people can’t do it very well.”

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