Death in Paradise: What did the stars find ‘tougher’ about filming season 10?

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Death in Paradise fans love the show for its unique match-up of a crime-solving and its beautiful backdrop. However, filming for the fictional island of Saint Marie is not always straight-forward and came with some huge challenges during season 10. The stars recently opened up to and other media about this.

Season 10 of Death in Paradise is currently airing weekly on Thursday evenings on BBC One.

The new series has once again transported viewers away from dreary January evenings to the sun-speckled island of Saint Marie.

As many will know, the series is filmed on location on the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean over six months.

But while the island might seem like a tropical paradise, there are some difficult elements to filming in such climates.

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During a recent Q&A ahead of the launch of season 10, Neville Parker star Ralf Little opened up about this.

When speaking about the more difficult elements of filming, he revealed the heat does make it hard to shoot.

Little said: “It is difficult. It doesn’t sound it – you go ‘Oh, look at this, they’re nice complaints to have.’

“But it is a very real on-set challenge, staying cool all the time – not just for our own comfort but for very practical filming reasons as well.”

As a result Little added: “You have to figure out all the tricks pretty quickly.

“The crew, it should be said, work really hard to try and help you out as much as possible.

“They’ll go ‘okay cut,’ and then the makeup department runs on with ice-cold chamois.”

As well as the climate, season 10 had the added difficulty of being filmed under Covid-19 restrictions.

According to executive producer Tim Key, this meant life outside of filming was rather restricted as well.

He explained: “It has always been a very social show and very inclusive show and families have come out historically and stayed and everyone has got to know each other.


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“Obviously, this year has changed all of that so everyone has had to look out for each other more but it has become more fragmented as people can’t hang out like they used to.

“While we’ve been there, Guadeloupe locked down for a period of time and restaurants and bars reopened but in a very controlled way.

“It is a different year from that point of view, it’s not normal, and that makes it tougher.

“The good thing about this show normally is people need people to lean on out there because it’s a long time to be away from home.

“Sometimes it’s the best thing in the world, sometimes you want to have a bit of space and be left alone and sometimes you just need someone to pull you close and check you’re okay.

“The less everyone can get together and read each other, the harder it becomes.”

However, despite the difficulties, Little was also keen to point out how lucky he feels to be shooting the show.

He added: “There are two narratives about this show and both of them aren’t quite fair.

“One is that, ‘Oh it’s a big old jolly because look how beautiful it is.’

“And the other narrative is the exact opposite which is, ‘Oh you wouldn’t believe how tough it is, it’s a nightmare, it’s really difficult to be hot.’

“It’s neither of those things and both of those things all at the same time.

“I’m feeling incredibly lucky to be here but it’s a physically demanding show there’s no two ways about it.

“And it comes with its own set of challenges and you have to overcome them.”

Death in Paradise airs on Thursdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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