Dermot O’Leary ‘on the naughty step’ as he ‘interrupts’ Alison Hammond ‘You do it a lot!’

This Morning: Dermot apologises for interrupting Alison

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This Morning was hosted by Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond on Wednesday. The pair usually have a good on-screen partnership, but things went awry when Dermot awkwardly interrupted Alison. He was forced to apologise after causing Alison to lose her place while reading the autocue. However, he soon found himself sitting on the “naughty step”.

The awkward encounter occurred while Alison and Dermot were introducing a travel segment.

Dermot told viewers: “Now, with travel restrictions stopping many of us from jetting off on holiday last year, 2022 is looking more optimistic.”

“Get away fever is beginning to take over and Sri Lanka is apparently rated number one of the best long haul destinations,” Alison said.

However, Dermot interrupted his co-star, asking: “Have you ever been?”

“I’ve never been. Would love to go,” Alison replied.

Attempting to get back to the script, she said: “So, umm… what else am I going to say?”

Realising he’d caused Alison to lose her place, Dermot exclaimed: “Oh, I’m so sorry!

“No, I’ve interrupted you and I do apologise. It’s really bad of me,” he said.

Alison hit back: “Doesn’t matter. You do it quite often.”

“I know, but it’s only because I’m interested in what you’re saying,” Dermot replied.

“Are we having a tiff?” Alison remarked, teasing her co-host.

As Alison giggled, Dermot replied: “We are not. I’m so sorry.”

“You carry on anyway,” Alison said, encouraging Dermot to get the segment back on track.

Dermot said: “Well, destinations, there was a massive 75 percent increase in them.

“You carry on. I’m sorry,” he reiterated.

Alison told viewers: “We thought we’d brighten up your day…”

However, Dermot interrupted her once again to say: “I’ll sit on the naughty step.”

Ignoring her co-star, Alison continued: “…with some sun, sea and sand here in Sri Lanka.

“Here’s a look at John Torode in Sri Lanka,” she concluded.

This Morning airs weekdays at 11am on ITV.

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