Did Jon Snow have a secret twin brother in Game of Thrones?

Jon Snow may have been reluctant to sit on the Iron Throne but his twin brother might have lapped it up, according to Game of Thrones fans who have uncovered what may have been a second King of the North.

The Game of Thrones finale skimmed through Jon’s (played by Kit Harington) inner turmoil to overthrow Daenerys Taragryen (Emilia Clarke) after learning he was in fact the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms as son of Rhaegar Targaryen.

And in the books of George RR Martin, creator of Westeros, the fifth book introduced Young Griff as another long lost son of Rhaegar, which has sparked speculation on Reddit that Jon had a twin.

Reddior drop_top_minivan was the one to put it out there.

‘Could Jon Snow and Young Griff be fraternal twins?’ they wrote.

‘My theory is that Young Griff is not who he claims he is, but instead is Lyanna and Rhaegar’s son.

‘When Ned entered the Tower of Joy he found a bloodied Lyanna but instead of only finding Jon alone he also found Young Griff. He took Jon to The North since he was the Northern-looking one and left Griff with Howland Reed.’

Howland Reed, of course, joined Ned to take Jon after his mother Lyanna Stark gave birth.

‘After that I don’t know if Howland gave the baby to Varys or to Jon Connington or something like that.’

Plenty of fans are totally shipping the shocker. ‘That’d be pretty f**king crazy and kind of interesting,’ enthused one, which was followed by: ‘I like that theory. Young Griff, and Jon bring twins would be interesting.’

‘Maybe that’s why nobody ever sees Howland Reed? He impersonated Jon Connington and took Young Griff across the sea?’ asked another intrigued Redditor.

Game of Thrones may have ended months ago, but that hasn’t stopped the story continuing to unravel with new bombshells.

Last week it was revealed Bran Stark was named after a Celtic king, and we should have seen his end game coming from a mile off.

Gamer of Thrones seasons one to eight are available to stream on NOW TV.

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