Does Jenelle Evans Think She's Going to be YouTube Famous?

Jenelle Evans sent fans into a tailspin with a 21-minute video that she uploaded to her YouTube channel. The troubled former starlet has posted videos sporadically but considering her current lack of employment and legal troubles, fans are reading a bit more into this particular upload. It looks like Jenelle might be planning to revitalize her career by creating her own content, but could she succeed on the video platform or is her reputation tarnished beyond repair?

What is Jenelle doing on YouTube?

YouTube has never really been Jenelle’s scene. Content creators who succeed on the platform generally build their original audience there and are well-educated on all aspects of video production. Sure, larger YouTubers do use teams to publish their work, but they often do the majority of the legwork on their own. Jenelle admittedly has no experience crafting her own content, and it doesn’t seem like a skill she’ll be picking up overnight.

The 21-minute video focused primarily on Jenelle and David building their homegrown farm. The couple was raising chicks, pigs and several other barnyard pals before Eason killed the family dog. She has posted similar videos in the past.

The nature of the video has some fans thinking Jenelle is trying to become a daily vlogger. If she does, the content will likely focus on her family farm project and her life with Eason.

Jenelle is finding it hard to pick up a new television gig

Jenelle had once asserted that she had both Netflix and Amazon projects in the pipeline if Teen Mom 2 didn’t work out. While the mother of three talked a big game with her former executive producer, it appears that those deals either dried up when MTV fired her or they never existed in the first place. It seems the latter is probably the case, according to Ok Magazine.

Jenelle and David were also allegedly tapped for Marriage Bootcamp, but the production company behind the couple-based reality show insist they have no plans on working with Jenelle Evans anytime soon. It is rumored that David’s temper and propensity for violence created a problem for the production team.

Fans think she’s hoping for a YouTube paycheck

Evans seemed sad when she posted the YouTube video and a clip of the video to Instagram, but fans who are well-versed in all things Jenelle think the former Teen Mom 2 star is just eying YouTube as a potential revenue stream.

Evans was forced to disclose her earnings in court last week. She reported earning around $400,000 in 2018 from the show. Now that she’s been axed, however, her income has dropped to zero. With no money coming, it is possible that Evans thinks YouTube could pull her out of a financial bind. After all, the largest YouTube stars make millions off of the platform.

Could Evans be hoping she and Eason will be the next big thing on the video platform? It’s possible, but Evans hasn’t made an official announcement about her intentions just yet. Until she does, viewers will just need to wait.

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