EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell’s secret exposed by Suki Panesar in revenge plot?

EastEnders: Kheerat clashes with Ben

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In recent episodes of EastEnders, BBC viewers have watched as Ben Mitchell (played by Max Bowden) and Kheerat Panesar’s (Jaz Deol) friendship has fallen apart. It all came to a head when Ben discovered Kheerat was having a secret relationship with Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean). In a bid to get his revenge, Ben ordered for Jags Panesar’s (Amar Adatia) protection to be stopped in prison. This led to Jags being killed and ever since, Ben has kept his secret hidden. But, secrets always have a way of coming out in Walford and when Ben does finally get exposed, the Panesar family will be out to get their revenge, especially Jags’ mum, Suki (Balvinder Sopal).

In previous weeks, Kheerat decided to seek revenge on Ben’s ex-boyfriend Paul’s (Jonny Labey) killer as a way of repaying him for trying to keep Jags protected in prison.

Paul was killed in 2016 after he and Ben were targets of a homophobic attack.

Ben may have moved on and is married to Callum Highway (Tony Clay), but he has been reliving the brutal incident since he discovered Paul’s killer, Simon Atmore, was being released from prison and allowed back into society.

Kheerat believed the incident was behind him, but towards the end of Tuesday’s episode, the businessman was arrested for assault, while his mum and sister watched on.

The incident came about after he clashed with Ben in the café over money.

It comes after Kheerat decided to step in to help his pal and become a silent partner at the Arches as Ben was struggling financially.

Except, rather than leaving Ben to the running of the business, Kheerat decided he wanted to get more involved by making some important decisions.

However, things quickly took a turn when Kheerat threatened Ben in the café.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me earlier,” Ben said as Kheerat hit back: “No, I heard you. I just don’t agree with you.

“Look, like it or not I am an equal partner in the Arches now. I bailed you out when no one else would, so you have to listen to what I say.”

“Sometimes we’re going to agree and sometimes we’re not going to agree,” Kheerat told him.

“But you’re going to listen and hopefully you’re going to trust me.”

As Callum tried to calm the situation down, Ben raged: “No, we are not talking business because the business is not up for discussion.”

Callum went in to suggest that if the pair couldn’t sort their differences, then they should “cut their losses”.

“Maybe he’s right,” Ben continued as Kheerat asked: “You want me out?”

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“It doesn’t have to get personal,” Callum weighed in. “You tried something, and it hasn’t worked out.”

“So, what about my money?” Kheerat asked.

“We will sort it out,” Callum reassured as Kheerat hit back: “Your husband here tried but no one would touch him with a 10-foot pole.”

Kheerat proceeded to threaten Ben about returning his money quickly. He said: “You’ve got as much time as I give you.”

“Ouch,” Ben replied. “There’s me thinking we were mates.”

“I’ll get you your money because I don’t need it and I don’t need you,” he concluded before storming out of the café.


As the episode came to a close, Ben and Callum watched on from afar as Kheerat got arrested for assaulting Simon.

Suki couldn’t believe it as her son was taken away in a police car. However, with Ben watching on in the distance, will Suki put two and two together?

She has already grown suspicious of Ben since her son’s death and viewers know she will do whatever it takes to protect her family.

Fans also took to social media after the episode to share their thoughts on the situation as they predict Ben and Kheerat’s feud is about to get worse.

One penned: “UH OH! I’m guessing Kheerat’s arrest isn’t going to bode well for Callum or his career… Or because Kheerat keeps Callum out of it he’ll use it as leverage over Ben when it comes to the Arches.” (sic)

Another wrote: “Can Ben actually trust to Kheerat actually keep his mouth shut or will the police soon come knocking for him also?”

A third tweeted: “‘I don’t need help and I don’t need you’ Really Ben? What happened to keep the Panesar’s on side so they wouldn’t get suspicious over poor Jags?”

“If Ben called the cops… Let the games begin,” a fourth said.

EastEnders returns on Thursday at 7.35pm on BBC One.

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