EastEnders' Cheryl Ferguson stuns Loose Women fans with her singing and reveals her dream of performing with Ed Sheeran

EASTENDERS star Cheryl Ferguson stunned Loose Women viewers with her singing voice and revealed her dream of performing with Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi.

The actress – who is best known for her role as Heather Trott on the BBC soap – joined the lunchtime chat show to talk about her aspiring music career.

Cheryl, 55, loved every minute of playing the George Michael lover on the soap but admitted that during lockdown she enjoyed a spot of presenting and singing.

Saira Khan mentioned that co-host Coleen Nolan has said Cheryl enjoyed singing sweet melodies during their time together in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

She asked: "I hear you want to launch your singing career, is that right, somebody like Ed Sheeran, perhaps?"

Cheryl replied: "Well when you showed the picture there of me, Ed and Lewis, that's a group. Look at that. I'd pay tickets to go and see them three seriously. Look at them!

"I mean I play guitar, I love Ed and Lewis' songs and I write songs myself, I've always done it but I never have gone into a studio.

"Nobody has ever asked me to go into a studio or do an album and I've always wanted to.

"Even if I just had the album, or my sons are into vinyl, he's nicked all my vinyls. I'd love to have a record or a CD or whatever it is, just with my music on, but made with collaborations with people because I don't think people would expect me and say Ed Sheeran…."

Coleen cut the actress off and showed her upmost support and said: "I was going to say Cheryl I don't think people really know how great a singer you are.

"I was in Big Brother the first time with Cheryl and she never stops singing but when she first started I was like wow she's got a great voice! I really want you to get out there and show people.

Although the star admitted that she feels like people just see her as the actress who played Heather Trott on the BCC soap.

Cheryl added: "I absolutely love doing it and I think the thing is it's one of those things that you meet all these people, I would love to collaborate with all of these people, but I don't think people would put 'Heather Trott' with singing or they forget they're Cheryl Ferguson."

Andrea McLean added that music sensation Lewis Capaldi regularly tunes in and tweets about the ITV programme.

She said: "Doesn't Lewis Capaldi watch the show?

"He tweets us all the time, so you know and Ed Sheeran is friends with Brenda so we could make this happen!

"Could you do a little audition, do you think you could something now?"

The soap star cleared her throat and belted out John Paul Young's 'Love Is In The Air,' which left the Loose Women stunned.

Cheryl has always had an interest in singing.

Last year she revealed on Instagram that she had written an album and planned to sing it all around the UK.

Back in 2018 she also starred in the musical production of Maggie May at the Royal Court Theatre and played the part of Mrs Bird.

The star – who has starred in the likes of Doctor Who, The IT Crowd and Allo' Allo' – put her singing voice to the test in February this year while on tour with Menopause the Musical 2: Cruising Through the Menopause.

She played the role of 'Earth Mother' in the musical.

Cheryl first hit our screens as Heather Trott in 2007 and played the bubbly character until 2016 when she was murdered by evil Ben Mitchell.

During her time on Loose Women she mentioned that she liked the idea of returning to the soap as Heather's long-lost twin – but the proposal fell through.

Although she did mention her interest in joining the cast of ITV's Emmerdale or Coronation Street now that she's moved up north.

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