EastEnders is cancelled for the football tomorrow – but show announces it’s airing an extra episode tonight – The Sun

EASTENDERS will be on twice tonight after being cancelled tomorrow for the launch of the Women's World Cup.

Tomorrow hosts France will take on South Korea on BBC One at 8pm meaning soap fans will be without their weekly Friday fix from the Square.

The show's official Twitter account teased that tonight's episode will be well worth tuning in for.

It said: "Hold the phone! Not ONLY are we going to be dropping our summer trailer like it’s hot today.

"There are also two episodes of #EastEnders tonight. 7.30pm and 8.30pm. You won’t want to miss a single minute."

Yesterday it was revealed Hunter Owen is heading back to Walford after being banged up for murdering his stepdad Ray Kelly.

Charlie Winter, who plays the character, has been spotted filming at Elstree for scenes expected to air later this summer.

The killer teen was locked up after shooting his stepfather Ray dead in the BBC’s explosive New Year storyline.

Soap bosses are currently keeping tight-lipped about what brings Hunter back to the show after his dark murder twist earlier in the year.

Hunter is currently locked away behind bars after shooting his stepfather Ray Kelly dead in the BBC soap's dramatic New Year storyline.

He was last seen on screen on 12 April, when his mum Mel paid a visit to him and urged him to stay strong.

Mel promised she would visit him every week and would be working on a revenge plan to make Jack Branning pay for sending him to prison.

Charlie joined the cast of EastEnders in early 2018 and played the role of Mel's troublesome son for just over a year.

Hunter ended up killing Ray after a dramatic confrontation between Mel and Ray in some woodlands over the New Year.

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