EastEnders love triangle between Suki, Peter and Ash revealed as actress Gurlaine Kaur Garcha speaks out

EASTENDERS viewers were left in shock after Suki Panesar seduced Peter Beale as he pined for her daughter Ash last night on the soap (January 12).

The Square’s villain – who is played by actress Balvinder Sopal in the BBC soap – turned her attention towards Peter after an unsuccessful date. But could a love triangle be on the cards? Here's the lowdown…

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Is a love triangle on the cards for Suki, Peter and Ash in EastEnders?

Ash and Peter have been growing closer in recent weeks, with viewers predicting a romance between the pair. 

But last night it was another member of the Panesar family who turned Peter’s head, as Suki found the youngsters partying in the call centre and sent them packing. 

When Peter dropped his wallet, Suki made a grab for it and pulled out a condom, before flirting heavily with the young man in a shocking twist.

Will Peter pick the mother or daughter – or might there be an awkward love triangle on the cards?

With EastEnders keeping plot details secret, viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Is Ash going to dump Iqra for Peter in EastEnders?

It certainly seems like Ash might have the hots for Peter after she jumped at the opportunity to attend Dotty’s party when she discovered he’d be there. 

And when Ash and Peter headed to the call centre to start their own party, Iqra hung back to tell Jean about her relationship worries. 

Spoilers have revealed that Ash will continue to avoid Iqra later this week and make excuses about work. 

But is Ash keen on Peter or is there more to her behaviour than meets the eye?

What has EastEnders star Gurlaine Kaur Garcha said about Ash and Peter’s possible romance?

Speaking to Digital Spy about her character’s relationship with Peter, actress Gurlaine Kaur Garcha – who plays Ash in the soap – revealed the possibility of a romance: "On a friendship level, she wants to be there for him and maybe it'll develop into something more.

"But then it could all be a distraction and she doesn’t want to be with him truly – who knows!"

She added: "I think Ash knows that Peter is interested in her a little – not that he'd want a relationship with her or anything that serious at this stage. He is that guy on the Square that's been with a few of the other girls, Ash enjoys him trying his luck!"

What do fans think about Suki and Peter’s shock fling?

EastEnders fans were shocked by Suki’s saucy behaviour as she flirted with Peter in last night’s episode – and were convinced that she is only using Peter to get at her daughter Ash.

One viewer tweeted: "In last night's episode Ash didn't want to go to the party but soon changed her mind when she was told Peter was going to be there. Suki noticed straight away and now evil Suki is going to use Peter as a way get at Ash."

Another added: "Though I'm pretty sure Suki's only doing this to p*ss Ash off…"

A third said: "What the hell was that nonsense between Suki and Peter? He’s a dog and I’m sure she’s just manipulating him somehow to keep him away from Ash and prove to her how vile he really is."

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